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Esa Ruoho Bio in English:
When your dad is a maverick that builds his own antennas to listen-in on distant and obscure radio-stations worldwide and eventually solders together a computer from a DIY kit, hooking up a mono speaker to hear the cassette tape loading programs - and your earliest memories are these sounds of raw data being fed into the machine, the resulting computer beeps and boops and a visual of an asterisk shooting minuses at numbers, you'll either get yourself committed at an early age or wind up twiddling that dial on the radio in your room.
If you then accidentally hear your first episode of the legendary ambient radioshow Avaruusromua, you're pretty much done for. Suddenly you do a timewarp from listening to computer music to recording found sound, hums, hisses and blissing out on being sent a soundbite of ice creaking.
Induction microphones, hydrophones, electromagnetic listening devices? Hook those up to free energy apparatuses and alternative healing devices.
Lets push everything as far as it can go and create wall-to-wall noise to drown out the mental debris and the misfiring synapses of your poor ol' head.

Shorter Esa Ruoho Bio in English:
​While his more well-known nom de plume, Lackluster, was all about the sound of music, the melody and harmony, the experimental off-shoot under his real nomenclature, Esa Ruoho, is focused on the sound of sound, the drones, the unmusical dissonance and pure hums. Currently Esa Ruoho is exploring new ways to further delve into the essence of sound.

Esa Ruoho Bio in Finnish/suomeksi:
​Helsingin Kontulan betonibrutaliteetissa varttunut Esa Ruoho tunnetaan paremmin Lackluster-nimellä, mutta tänään kuulemme melodisen rytmisen musiikin kääntöpuolen, kylmää huminaa ja ambientkohinaa. Esa kasvoi ja ravitsi itseään Jukka Mikkolan Avaruusromua-ohjelmalla. Valitettavasti hänen ensimmäinen kasetillinen häiriöääniä on kadonnut monien muuttojen saatossa. Revanssi otetaan improvisoiduilla äänimaisemilla, jotka joko tyhjentävät tai täyttävät pään.

Shorter Esa Ruoho Bio in Finnish/suomeksi:
​Ensimmäiset Ruohon muistamat äänet ovat kaseteille tallennettujen tietokoneohjelmien latausäänet - kohinaa, sirinää ja surinaa.
Kun näitä jo kaksivuotiaana kuuntelee, on lopputulos selvä.
Nykypäivänä Ruoho kohisee ja suhisee maalaten ja parsien kokoon moniulotteisia äänimaisemia, käyttäen hyväkseen kaikkea tuulikelloista kylmäfuusioon ja autotalleista sähkömagneettisiin kenttiin.

Lackluster Bio in English:
Fed with early-to-mid 90s melodic electronic music, Esa emerged through a haze of free audio software, lo-fi samples and a desire to keep pushing until a soul (or just a bare hint, an outline of one) emerges through the collage.
No toy-synth, physical recording or radio station was safe from his grubby mits, no melody too frank, no beat too simple. Growing musically and learning technical tricks at a significantly slower pace than his ever-competitive peers, Esa was always destined to remain in obscurity, a permanent bubbling-under artist.
Yet, somehow, there was a demand for this very specific flair of innocence and frankness, and while nothing he did past his debut album Container ever had the staying power of such tunes as Thor's Magic Bathtub, Cull Streak or Starcell U.K., Esa still managed to keep crafting away, even with a very visible - and heavy - albatross around his neck.
Now, close to two decades since the release of Container, where do we find Esa at? On Bandcamp, releasing records with no promotion, of course! Approach him and ask him to play your favourite tune of his at a future gig - you might or might not recognize it. Or he might not have it. Either way, Esa will do his utmost to keep himself entertained during the set, without turning into a best-of jukebox effort.