Anodyne: The Remixes EP 12": Normanrecords Review


Finally after a couple of delays this remix EP is finally available and I'm pleased to report it has been well worth the wait. The first side is 'Corrosion' which has been bitten by The Black Dog which begins with a raw crunchy beat which dissolves into a straight up 4/4 floor mover with lots of dynamic futuristic sounds morphing around a tight framework of energetic techno rhythms. The original is mutated into a clever pure techno cut complete with effected bleeps, infectious groove and total work the pasties off yer waistline dance energy. Three quarters into the tune a big spacey synth kicks in with hi-hats and then a morphing euphoric gnarley bassline whips things up into maximum tension with celestial chords. This will have a crowd roaring out with yelps of pure joy, no question. A precise and clever combination of sounds for brains and feet and will take thou effortlessly into thee bliss zone. It's not often you can flip a 12" from a Black Dog mix and drop the needle onto an Autechre mix but yes folks, this is indeed what we have here and the chaps are in ultra fine form, tastefully using the original track elements and doing a PROPER remix of 'Close Your Eyes' rather than just an AE track off the hard drive with a token sample chucked in. The score here is those comforting synth lines hovering over a majestic, tough and raw up tempo B-boy breakbeat that would have yours truly busting out my finest Welsh gymnastic techno shapes before any soundsystem that is clued up enough to drop this real gem. Autechre yet again display how dynamic they can be by abstaining on the abstract and furnishing the people with a serious party guaranteed floor rocker with maximum crunch and futurist soul. Our Finnish man and old deFocus / Kahvi Collective bod Lackluster throws in some tricky beat science for his take on '707' with melancholic synth motif, hyper itchy crunched up rhythms and all out IDM aceness the likes of which is rarely heard these days. Towards the end it gets totally slammin and will have that dancefloor sweating at your mercy. All three mixes here are super fine... A stellar cast of remixers delivering killer versions of tracks they clearly have an affinity with. Zero filler on here and thus a huge recommendation for IDM and techno heads!