Xurba: Xurbatronics System 3: Remixes: Igloomag Review


Will Brazier’s third outing in the Xurbatronics System series, this time around features six remixes; a quaint collection of tracks rearranged by friendly cohorts including Mrs. Jynx, Earth Leakage Trip, Ruxpin, Orange Crush, Lackluster and Bad Loop. A coherent group of individuals working on this EP, each delivering a solemn flow of upbeat, downbeat and sharp rhythms. Contributing their own subtle nuances to classic Xurba tracks, ultimately it’s the overall feeling that is expelled from each corner that makes this EP so special. Essentially an upbeat electronic excursion that casts a bright light on Toytronic-era electronics while keeping a forward, abstract motion. All of this is exposed perfectly in an adventurous 40-minutes.

Mrs. Jynx’s “Intertwiner” emanates a radiant, uplifting pulse, while Earth Leakage Trip’s rendition of “Air Devices” is a few shades darker with its classical revamp. Ruxpin’s rehash of “Xerox Prochronism” opens silently and gradually bleeds a cacophony of warm, diffusing beatwork. Orange Crush’s remix of “Intertwiner” is perhaps the most heartfelt of the lot; its trajectory includes subliminal samples and a slow burning rhythm blanketing memories of childhood. Lackluster’s sonic reshaping of “Breakout,” the De-Energizer remix embarks on a cruise ship with 11-minutes of cross pollinated electronics unearthing The Orb’s past and dipping into a hotbed of experimental clicks and blips. Bad Loop’s closure (remix of “Air Devices”) ignites a fire of syncopated beats and Plaid-esque bass as it rummages through unmapped caves.

Subtle melodies crash against waves of up-front emotional tear jerkers; one might even recall to mind Toytronic heavyweights including Gimmik and Abfahrt Hinwil as the selected remixes are filled with pristine electrical flutter and produced with high levels of accuracy. Xurba’s audio architecture, one of clean lines and saturated harmonies, swells within ambient seabed’s and melts just as quickly. This EP, and other Xurba releases, tend to evolve ever so delicately that time elapses without notice, layers of visual sound flourish, and nostalgia always trickles through the seams. Each of the remixers aiming to realign Xurba’s sound, instead manage to unfold yet another layer of beauty rather than reconstructing individual components. And this pattern of massaging an already polished style is consistent as the tracks peel easily and are consumed without hesitation. So, just as Xurba’s inspirational groove slides without any apparent friction, the remixes are coated with a grittier exterior while remaining serene on the inside. Have a listen for yourself as Xurba’s system of delivering shimmering electronics overtakes your environment.