Lackluster: Wrapping: Boomkat Review


deFocus Lackluster Wrapping
Esa Ruoho drops the finest contents of his hard disk drive and delivers it with love to Defocus. Though this is a hell of a lot more than a random collection of tracks. Like his Finnish bud Brothomstates he's come a long way in a very short space of time. Stylistically much of 'Wrapping' sounds like classic 80's arm detroit techno. Influences from Magic Juan to Carl Craig to Black Dog but rather than being a mere copyist, Esa brings a fresh originality to these pieces, managing to inject his own melodic, rhythmic stylings. 'In Passing' and 'Gid' play on this theme before 'Close Enough' blisses out with a downtempo killer, heart yearning melodies and crisp original lo-fi'ish tongue clicking percussion. Fourteen tracks - seventy minutes, a very high standard is kept through the whole extended running time. Very un-lacklustre, this is Esa'a finest work to date. Acquire.