Lackluster: Container: Hotpress Review


First of the year’s discoveries and a major one. Anonymous on the outside, warm on the inside and the perfect antidote to frosty New Year times. Deceptively simple-sounding at first, this all-instrumental LP revealed more in the way of melody with every play. With the technology now readily available to bring well-produced music cheaply from small home studios to the market, the opportunities for self-expression have never been greater. The sheer volume of labels and recording artists vying for attention are proof of this. Music has opened up because of it but more than ever something exceptional needs to be at the heart of the
matter in order to stand a chance of recognition. The music made by Esa Ruoho from Helsinki, Lackluster by name, has yet to be recognised but Container has the proof of something special sealed therein.

Donal Dineen