HLER: Realignment (digital/tape) released on Luola Records

Realignment is an hour long trip to subconscious paths that HLER travels on by improvising and reacting, navigating by intuition. Erratic, electric, slightly noisy, but occasionally dissolving the desolate industrial landscape to reveal beautiful harmonics, like plants slowly taking over an abandoned man-made environment.

released April 12, 2019 on Luola Records, sub-label of Luova Records!

Artwork by Tommi Jakonen

Booking Esa Ruoho / Lackluster / HLER

In case you are interested in booking Esa Ruoho or Lackluster (or HLER) for a gig in 2019 and 2020, shoot an email to info@lackluster.org

Repulsine EP back in stock! Grab yours now :)

The Lackluster: Repulsine EP is back in stock, grab your CD while you still can :) Thanks to Roz of SLSK Records for providing a couple of copies. I can sign them too, if you like.

Repulsine EP here

V/A: 100

HLER appears on a brand new ambient drone compilation

The first ever compilation with a track by HLER has been released! Check out "100" released via Cold Fiction Music (page).

Stream and buy via Bandcamp

Esa Ruoho: Collage Album Artwork

Esa Ruoho: Collage released

A collection of ambient drone music has been compiled and released on Bandcamp. Check them out here