HLER: HLER: Cassette Gods Review

Helsiniki-based sound artists Heikki Lindgren and Esa Ruoho perform as HLER, and this sort-of self-titled tape captures a live performance at E:MF 2018 (January), and also at Ampeeriklubi VI, lots of other Finnish text, etc., a month later. Now, I want you to close your eyes, press play, and pretend you’re in a planetarium or a Hadron Collider of some particular size.

Got it? OK.

Lindgren and Ruoho are expert knob-twiddlers, conjuring celestial elements with their bare hands and their synthesizer rigs. Each half-hour track (one on each side) is perfect for the spaceman facing existential danger in all of us. It’s like “HLER” was birthed in a science lab and set free to infiltrate the insecurities in every human, triggering unease wherever it alights. It’s a sinister missive from elsewhere pointed directly at us. Why? From where? Huh?

I don’t know! Stop asking questions. Just … stick your head into “HLER” and listen to it, alright?





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Lackluster (Esa Ruoho) - Various years, releases and tracks – P.2

Every composition here is a new invention. It is hard to believe that such a creation, where both intellectual contribution and intelligent approach are visible in the foreground – is not a collective work; it is the result of the efforts of One person. There is no compromise between past and present. To say, "this is modern music" is to say nothing. This is the music of the future…

Esa Ruoho: Riversmouth: Bad Alchemy review

ESA RUOHOs Riversmouth (ACM 1009, 3" CD-R) ist dröhnminimalistisch von der Quelle bis zur Mündung. Vielleicht nur weil der Finne, der als Lackluster rhythmischere Sachen macht, Finne ist, überkommt mich unterwegs die Anmutung, dass sein Klangfluss irgend- was von Sibelius mitschwemmt, den 'Schwan von Tuonela' oder den 'Valse Triste'. Etwas melancholisch Romantisches jedenfalls in homöopathischer Verdünnung. Der Strom an sich ist auch nur an der Oberfläche glatt, an der er hell schimmert. Aber da sind auch dunkle Passagen und am Grund schürft er rau. Jetzt singt es sogar etwas geisterhaft, verschleppt, zeitlupig. Oder bilde ich mir das nur ein? Nein, da singt auf jeden Fall etwas in der Tiefe, gischtig überzischt. Auch wenn die Dröhnwelle davon unberührt ihren Lauf nimmt. Zuletzt mischt sich noch eine orchestrale Welle mit ein. Ruohos Fluss hat so seine Geheimnisse.

electronic frequencies lackluster

Electronic Frequencies did a Lackluster special

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https://www.concertzender.nl/programma/electronic_frequencies_522482 -

"This edition of Electronic Frequencies presents music by Lackluster.

Lackluster is the artist name of Esa Ruoho (1978). He is a steady producing Finish electronic music producer with a huge body of work. Besides Lackluster, Esa Ruoho also uses the artist names XLLV, Can’O’Lard and Kökö and the Köks and he has released works on a large number of labels.

While most artists during their career move towards more difficult, digitally abstract forms, Esa Ruoho offers a refreshing return to the simple pleasures of melody. His music is often light and melodic but not at all superficial. He creates atmospheres with a timeless quality.

Electronic Frequencies presents a small collection of his best tracks."

Selection by Thijs Geritz

Lackluster goes cryptocrazy

Oh noes, he's gone token-crazy!

As of today, Lackluster material is available on Choon, Musicoin, Resonate and.. Minds.