V/A: Music For Abandoned Cold War Places: Merchants of Air Review


The sound mapping compilations of the Italian Unexplained Sounds Group label offers new and interesting electronic sounds from all over the globe. Their sub-label ZeroK has released a collection of more electronic resonances definitely worth listening to in our opinion.

When we noticed which artists contributed on Music For Abandoned Cold War Places, we were very sure this wasn’t just horse shit. With the most interesting among underground dark ambient artist gathered on this album, we were already certain about a high quality result. This compilation is curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst) and provides sound structures inspired by abandoned places from the almost forgotten Cold War period.

The album sweats tension, darkness, and has strange but vibrant vibrations that translate an almost ancient desolation of a world on the brink of nuclear disaster. Music For Abandoned Places literally takes us on a remarkable sound journey between history and modern mythology. All the artists have done a fantastic job of looking deep into their talent and creative afflatus. This project is a part of a wider conception focused on derelict, dismantled, or even vanishing places.
The Music For Abandoned Cold War Places anthology goes beyond standard dark ambient tunes. We were launched with experimental and eerie dark ambient, murky drones, sound effects of sirens, registrations of Geiger counters and bizarre echoes of nuclear poisoning. The cooperative artists on this awesome release are: Grey Frequency, Joel Gilardini, HLER, Phalioo, Kloob, Super8music, SÍLENÍ, Psionic Asylum, vÄäristymä, Jeton Hoxha, WILT and Chronodepth.

With no doubt this album could be the start of a new dark ambient approach inspired by ghostly military places disguised in scratching soundscapes coming from unknown dimensions. These twelve pieces of dark electronic art are the perfect soundtrack to hide in an old atomic shelter and stay until the global virus problem is vanished. Music For Abandoned Cold War Places is also available on CD. Buy or die!