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Instrumental electronic music, in the gray suburbian deserts of KONTULA. “Why? Because it is the only thing keeping me from going absolutely aggressively insane.”

Someone summed it up simply: “But this isn’t psy-trance! Sounds like you like aphex twin”.

Current line-up:
Esa Juhani Ruoho, 26th October 1978

Lackluster was founded in 1995.
Future hopes, goals and wishes?

First person to tour around Europe with a GEET fuel enriching device and a hydroxy mileage boosting device installed into my electric van. Proving it is possible for a musician to use the most bleeding edge technologies out there to cut down on costs of travelling to gigs - and opensourcing the information online for everyone else to benefit too. I hope to one day be able to play in various places of interest in the United States and also in Europe.
Who do you wish was your fan?

These mental rich people who go on Equaldreams and buy your whole catalogue. A hundred times.
Which instrument would you like to learn to play?

Definitely a hang drum.
How does living in Finland affect your work?

I get told that it sounds like I’m back in Finland again.
Your dream gig venue?

Integratron in Joshua Tree, California, USA. DEFINITELY. Either that, or Club Watt in Rotterdam! Or how about Bucky’s Dome in Carbondale, Illinois. Actually, how about Leedskalnin’s (a latvian ex-patriot) Coral Castle in Florida! There are so many places that would be such dreams to play in. I’d take any and all of these, and have a larger list. :)
The best feedback you’ve ever had?

“We made a tape with your track on it that we played to our unborn baby and now that she’s been born she always really chills out when she hears your track.” – Or: “We played your track at our wedding”. Hard to pick…
Your first musical memory?

My first musical memory is hearing a Telmac computer playing a cassette deck containing a computer program, through the computer speakers. It was very interesting at 2 years old.
You should explore our music because…

…otherwise you will never stop hearing about it.
Tell us a secret (anything goes)!

I’ve got a brilliant U.S. tour ready on Google Maps and can’t wait to do the road trip all over U.S. of a, playing in the major cities and visiting absolutely brilliant areas of interest. All that’s required is promoters/organizers.