Irresistible District -writeup


Drawing spacemen as a child in Malminkatu, Esa grew up with Disney comics and science fiction tv-series and films – and then there was the computer keyboard with which he learnt to write his full name and address at the age of two. Things did not get much better after that in Myllypuro, Roihuvuori or Kontula – Esa sketched his own island where he could listen to music and read books from his enormous library that was right next to a hydroponic food farm – all in his dome with a landing strip and a harbour nearby.
Zoom onwards 21 years and you find Esa making music and choosing specific titles to highlight various thoughts.
The brooding Monsanto Corporation? Why, aspartame and engineered terminator-seeds, of course.
The Stationary Trout and Repulsine EP’s? Nods towards Viktor Schauberger and his way-too-advanced-for-his-time work in biomimicry and fluid flow – 1920s through to 1950s.
Cold Trail EP? Accidentally released on the original Cold Fusion claim anniversary (23rd March).
Aeration EP? Again harkening towards Vortex fluid movement in order to better oxygenate water using the winding spiral to, simply, wind oxygen into water and isolate particles.
Angelsnest? A progressive development of the Michael Reynolds-designed Earthship idea, a completely off-the-grid house built out of recycled tires, cans and bottles to start with – then a specifically angled roof for harvesting rain-water, recycling and filtering it, providing electricity via solar panels, stable heat via thermal mass – and of course – growing your own fruit and vegetables all year-around in your own home thanks to recycled rainwater. Angelsnest however went the water-as-electricity-through-electrolysis method, aerated and purified the harvested water via water vortices (fill a plastic bottle, turn it upside down and give it a whisk and observe the vortex) – and then proceeded to extract water from the atmosphere in the greenroom with plants exhaling it and it being condensed back to water.
Proof of Concept EP? Obviously, most of these projects for energy transformation and resonance amplification, earthbatteries and suchlike are proofs of concept and prototypes, not for sale to the general consumer – so what better title is there?
Unfortunately, the Undulate LP and Expulse EP, both harkening back to Wilhelm Reich’s spinning-wave theory, Walter Russell’s cosmic octave waves, Viktor Schauberger’s cycloid-space-curves and spirals and John Keely’s acoustic cavitation and pressure experiments – are yet to come out – but maybe one day these will follow in the footsteps of Repulsine EP.
Dreaming of releasing his future albums in CD-cases made out of hemp, Ruoho is an apt surname for someone who supports the various grass-roots movements the best he can and with the limited finances available to him. Switching from music full-time to music some-of-the-time and librarian/archivist most-of-the-time has led to many interesting discoveries and developments, but precious little musical progress nor finances for keeping his studio up-to-date. This has led to a situation where most of Esa’s live performances are jamming-based and of, mostly, unreleased material. Alone and unassisted, it is extremely complex for him to find a balance between everything that needs to be done, and everything else that needs to be done.
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