U-cover Q&A


U-cover records asked his artists 10 question out of the blue. Here you find the result. On the virtual table we sat down with Jeff McIllwain aka Lusine ICL, Koen Lybaert aka Starfish Pool - Daniel Nieto from Skipsapiens (and we all learn some Spanish in the meantime) - Jonathan Cannup aka Ten and Tracer, Esa Ruoho for himself, Kurt Korthals aka The Buddy System, Laura Rebuttini, Koen Lybaert and Esther Santoyo for Llips. and Mike Martinez for Electric Birds. The Quench boys didn't reply yet, let's hope you get those answer later on.

1. Who and what can you recall as an influence in your music?
Esa Ruoho - The second part of mutants c64 soundtrack, a whole lot of scattered c64/amiga games..

2. What part of you is reflected in your music? Spirituality, love, hate, anger, joy
Esa Ruoho - Hope.

3. How much do you use the musical equipment you have by hand, or do you wait until you have the necessary tools to do the music you want?
Esa Ruoho - I don't understand this question? Are you guys asking me, if I am not doing music, and that am I waiting for the necessary tools/gear/synths to be able to do the music 'I want'? or?

4. What do you think or what comes to your mind when you listen to the music you recorded long time ago?
Esa Ruoho - A good way to re-discover yourself.

5. Is there a style you would like to reach in your music?
Esa Ruoho - Efficiently controlled, meaningful, flowing and progressing lush good music.

6. Which is the most important element in your music? Texture, rhythm, melody, emotion?
Esa Ruoho - 1. emotion/mood 2. melody 3. rhythm/texture

7. How is your set when you play live?
Esa Ruoho - Not much to see/hear

8. What do you like about playing live?
Esa Ruoho - Nothing.

9. What music are you listening lately?
Esa Ruoho - brothomStates, Luke Vibert, 2 Lone Swordsmen, Arovane, Pub

10. What concept do you have of your own music?
Esa Ruoho - What concepts do I have to choose from?

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