Neferiu Records 2011


Neferiu Records 2011
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  1. Mantrakid: The War
  2. Aalo Guha: Time
  3. Ricca Razor Sharp: I Am The Law
  4. Marc Pause: You Just
  5. Touch, Nato: Touch and Nato: Tight Schedule
  6. Fatt Matt, Chadio, Kaboom: Fatt Matt, Chadio & Kaboom: Today
  7. Crates, Profound Sound: Crates & Profound Sound: Bin Fed Up
  8. Big Moves: 0410 Frequency
  9. Shep, Stilz: Shep & Stilz: Dolce Vida
  10. Impirical: Come On Y'all
  11. Crash Silverback, Max Muthaphukin' Stax, Mantrakid: Crash Silverback & Max Muthaphukin' Stax: Like a Ninja (Mantrakid Remix)
  12. Cinister Cee: I Make The Beats
  13. Cityscape: Heart Failure Research
  14. Wyzaker: Gabriel Vs Damien
  15. Zebrabook: Compact Jesus
  16. Citykid: (CaSO4-2(H2O)
  17. Jon Brando: Aphrik
  18. Lackluster: Raindrops
  19. Mokhov: Soul Link


Checkpoint! As we keep on keepin’ on, we want you to know what we’ve been up to, what we’ve got coming up, and in the case of a few of these tracks, what we’ve got hidden in the dark corners of our recording studios and production hard drives.
Presenting Neferiu Records 2011, a broad look at our roster in a tasty little compilation release we are offering for free download to help you get your fall music fix. We look forward to a busy remainder of the year, with many great new full albums and eps coming from our ultra talented roster. From hip hop to electronic to straight fuckin weird, we’re locked down on the underground. We hope you enjoy this selection!