Touched Two


Touched Two
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  1. (ghost): Truro
  2. 2020k, Wet Eyes: Sea Bound
  3. 2ndMOUSE: Morgana (Touched Mix)
  4. 36: Song for Florence
  5. 808 State: Psalm
  6. A1 People: 54
  7. Min-Y-Llan, Abereiddy Astronomical Society: The Outsider (Min-Y-Llan Remix)
  8. Adam Johnson: Sunden
  9. Ade Hodges: Serpentine Blues
  10. Alexander Aultman: Today, One Year Ago
  11. Alt/land, Plaid: alt/land: Train (Plaid Remix)
  12. Alpturer: Kazo
  13. Anders Ilar: Press Charges
  14. Anodyne: Off-World Blues
  15. Antonymes: 310814
  16. Arctic Rabbuck: Ziohl Whey
  17. Ard Bit: Watchin
  18. Arovane: Woven
  19. Asonat: Spaced
  20. Autechre: spl47
  21. Autumn of Communion: End (Sunrise for Claudio) + Interval2
  22. B12: Orbita Tolv
  23. Bad Loop: Parallel Lives
  24. Bath40: Bubbles
  25. Bauri: Purple Nights
  26. Beatbigot: Playblurredforme
  27. Bengalfuel: Lam
  28. Bibio: Crushed Crushed Velvet
  29. BLN: Tribe
  30. Bocuma: Black Sea of Trees
  31. BrapAllgood: Aztechre (IntoUncertainty)
  32. Brothomstates: Save Yourself
  33. Bunal Carus: Univoltin
  34. Buspin Jieber: Electicity
  35. C\/\/\/\: St.Thomas Green
  36. Cali May: Quandary Wand
  37. Carbinax: Declaration Of War
  38. Carbo-flex: Kulabov
  39. Ceephax Acid Crew: Ginelli
  40. Chevron: Backs Against the Wall
  41. Chikiss, Artem Sensiva: Chikiss ft. Artem Sensiva: Through the Frost
  42. Christ.: Unfolded Protein Response
  43. CiM: Drawn
  44. Clem Leek: Set Back - Push On
  45. Coltish Limbs: HighRise HighLife
  46. Cousin Silas: Distant Yellow
  47. Cristian Vogel: Your Dreams and What They Mean
  48. Cyan341: DBS
  49. Cyance: Lodic Mteal
  50. D'Arcangelo: Olaz
  51. Dan Stubbs: Dan Stubbs: Lost Beyond the Power of Words
  52. Datassette: Gravel
  53. Dave Monolith: Dxtr
  54. David Morley: 10B
  55. Dean De Benedictis: Surface Vespers and Cesnass
  56. Derren Heath: Pretend
  57. Devicer: Spring (reTouched Version)
  58. Dez Williams: Pointzerofour
  59. Diamat: Aleksandr Orlvo
  60. Dirk Markham: They Dont Intend to Hurt You
  61. Dirty Owl: Dirty Owl: You're So Worth It
  62. DMX Krew: Loch Ness Monster
  63. Dn Fnckn: Ghetto One Four
  64. Dryft: Somewhere Lost in Time
  65. Dub Tractor: Stay Under This Line
  66. Dunaewsky69: Time Bomb
  67. Echaskech, XSPANCE: Echaskech vs XSPANCE: Sovereign System
  68. Eigenheimer: Overdenk
  69. Ektoise: Distant Past
  70. Emptywhale: Smashed Light
  71. Emm Sevindik: Puraka
  72. Encym: Impromptu [90"]
  73. Enkidu: Into The Deep
  74. Engine7: Your Name on a Grain of Sand
  75. ENV(itre): ENV(itre): ilurc
  76. EOD: Three Hundred Stars
  77. Erinome: The Seven Story Mountain
  78. Esem: Yourturn
  79. Ex Confusion: Untitled
  80. Eyesix: Idaho Transfer
  81. Frafle: All Slept Up (Noir's Song)
  82. Fieldtriqp, Sweguno: Fieldtriqp: Ss Ss Ss Ss (Reinterpreted by Swegüno)
  83. Fil OK: Bird
  84. Floating Spirits: Reach for Hope
  85. Forlon: One Parallel
  86. Frank Murder: The First Day of Snow
  87. Freeform: Shimmer
  88. Frog Pocket: Siorrach Àir
  89. Funckarma: Emplixian Ambient
  90. Future Image: Shower Acid
  91. Arche: G-Man: Scratch 1 (ClemensNeufeldRemix)
  92. Gang Violins: Ghosts of Aleppo
  93. George Sarah: Apparition Chamber
  94. Ghostwerk, Ilkae: Ghostwerk Feat. Ilkae: Hotpot
  95. Greetings From Tuskan: To Forget
  96. Gwerkova: Safari
  97. HECQ: Formless
  98. Higher Intelligence Agency: Genius Island
  99. Hint: Dead Bamboo
  100. Humanoid: Posthuman
  101. I Am Dive: Farewell
  102. Ian Hawgood: A Sketch for Empty Hearts
  103. IJO: Water Stars
  104. Ilkae: 12.12.12
  105. Imploded View: A New Hue
  106. Intricate: Cycle
  107. Jesper Sorensen: Transcension
  108. Jodey Kendrick: Capecitabine
  109. JTPE: Scharnier
  110. Julien Mier: Underwater Echoes
  111. Kate Dilemma: Rebirth (ynys enlli)
  112. Kingbastard: My Robot Child Suffers from Night Terrors (So I Wrote Him A Lullaby)
  113. KNTK, Shane Anthony: KNTK+ShaneAnthony: Physical Education
  114. La Synthesis: Zyllyakrvm
  115. Lackluster: Calming Presence
  116. Life In A Box: The Arpeggiator
  117. Little Eris: The Portal
  118. Irma, illl: illl & irma: Walk Softly Stranger
  119. Logreybeam: The Village Green
  120. Loopz: Punky
  121. Lorenzo Montanà: Tek Kyah
  122. Loscil: Phantasmata
  123. Luke Slater: Luke Slater's 7th Plain: Route 9
  124. Luke Vibert: 2x Jack
  125. M-Band, RetRoBot: M-Band: LoveHappiness (feat. RetRoBot)
  126. Machine Drum: Itsgod
  127. Min-Y-Llan, Maps & Diagrams: Min-Y-Llan: Beforelondon (Maps Remix)
  128. Maps & Diagrams: Days Like This
  129. Mark Broom, Heuristic Audio: Package 75 (Heuristic Audio Remix)
  130. Mark Gage, Jan Cemark: Mark Gage & Jan Cemark: Cool Grey Stone
  131. Marsen Jules: Marsen Jules Trio: Les Gitanes - Les Gitanes
  132. Marumari: Cranberry2
  133. Matthew Collings: Agora
  134. Michael Dykehouse: Garden Maintenance
  135. Mick Chillage: April
  136. Midimode: Music that Brings Good News
  137. Miles Tilmann: Go Home
  138. Milieu: Sofaphonk
  139. Mint: The Cyberknife
  140. Mira Calix, Ulrich Schnauss: Ponchik
  141. Missingsense: Goodnight Reroute
  142. Mokhov: Dream Aroma
  143. Mr. C: The Future
  144. Mr. Projectile: I Know (Featuring Mimi Page)
  145. Mr. 76ix: Twak My Vangintism Osit
  146. Murya: Forest-1
  147. Mushroom Season: An Ocean between Us (Song for Coral)
  148. Najem Sworb: Exo Amb
  149. Neotropic: Tohan Tales Volume 1
  150. Nathan Fake: Xupiter
  151. Nervous_testpilot: Wishbone (Touched Mix)
  152. Nimon: A Way to Escape
  153. Nisho: Over De Trees
  154. Nonima: Recursor Function
  155. Nootropix: Skunk Soup
  156. Normal: Hangar
  157. Noumen: Brace of Real
  158. Oberman Knocks: Modrine
  159. Obfusc: Language of Memory
  160. Ochre: Rowing to the Riverhead
  161. Ocoeur: IM2a
  162. Offthesky: Tepid Sill
  163. Olan Mill: Cultivator (Live)
  164. pOerator: Mauser Feel
  165. Orbital: Never (Live)
  166. Our Loving Sun: Face Toward the Sun
  167. Oxynucid: Temp Cadet
  168. Paranerd: Blue and Yellow Egg
  169. Paul Blackford: The Third Element
  170. Paul Mac: The Block
  171. Pentatonik, R. Simeon Bowring: A Ray of Light
  172. Petrichoir: Grow Bigger Than Your Woolie
  173. Phinx, Secede: Phinx: All That Matters (Secede Retelling)
  174. Pinar Akbay: Primal Feelings
  175. Plaid, Alt/land: Itsu (alt/land Remix)
  176. Plazmatron: The Screaming Abyss
  177. Pleq, Lauki, Segue: Pleq + Lauki: III (Segue Remix)
  178. Plus One, Acell: Plus One (Acell) Produced by Plaid: Bik
  179. Porn Sword Tobacco: Pst-Ego Drop 1
  180. Port-Royal: Sovereign Raiders
  181. Posthuman: Vela Remnant
  182. Production Unit: I'm So Blessed To Have You With Me
  183. Quiet Noise: You Make Being Me Less Scary
  184. Pentatonik, R. Simeon Bowring: Silvercaine
  185. Radioactive Sandwich: Radioactive Man: Peter And Mary
  186. Red Eyes: Deconstruction
  187. Ralf Hildenbeutel: Old Friends
  188. Re-Arbeiten: A.C.Clarke O'Clock Claster
  189. Red Snapper: Anta
  190. Renegade Android: Mona Lisa Cruise Control
  191. Rich Thair: Yes It Is
  192. Richard Devine: Retrometabolism
  193. Richard H Kirk: Network 1
  194. Robert Babicz: Mango Smoked On Lsd
  195. Robert Leiner: Day's Like Others
  196. Room Of Wires: Walkem
  197. Rootsix: Deepfroid Bough
  198. Russ Gabriel: Out On A Date
  199. Ruxpin: Avant De Nous
  200. Sapphirine Phlant: Reanemal
  201. Scott Robinson: Field Of Strings
  202. Sense: What's It Going To Take? (Hope for Gaza)
  203. Shammen Delly: Sumer Is Icumen In
  204. Shintaro Aoki: Anatano Kokorono Irowo (Water Mix)
  205. Si Begg: I Love My Drum Machine
  206. SinQ: Oscilator
  207. Sir Catipuss: Smithereen
  208. Skp: Gyo
  209. Solipsism: Toking Elders In Avalanche
  210. Somatic Responses: Life Cycle
  211. Soutien Gorge: Delutaniad
  212. Static: Devilfish
  213. Steve Stoll: Steve Stoll Presents The Blunted Boy Wonder: The Shift
  214. Subside: Scarlett's Theme
  215. Sugardaddy: LoveHoney
  216. Sun Electric: Mikado
  217. Sun Glitters: Not Everyday, Sometimes
  218. Sun Glitters: Touched Two Theme
  219. Surface 10: VOC Transit
  220. Team Doyobi, Cem: Vortcycle {Cem Remold}
  221. Tenmoer: Astronaut
  222. The Dandelion Council: A Helper Fit For Him
  223. The FLK: Stick Stock Keys
  224. Future Sound of London: Outer Heaven (Touched Mix)
  225. The Gasman: Gfx1
  226. The Inventors of Aircraft: Mind Palace
  227. The Sly and Unseen: Flitting Between Woodland and Gardens
  228. The Kosmik Kommando: NEUROSEMANTIC
  229. The Stratos Ensemble: My Broken Key (Part 2)
  230. Tim Jackiw: Transparence
  231. Tim Koch: Fragmemory
  232. TM404: 202/303/303/606/SY1/TG303 (Touched Version)
  233. Tom Roberts: Zonnestraal
  234. Tomonari Nozaki: Paradissimo
  235. Tourmaline Hum: Trade Winds
  236. Troubleshooter: Moog Modular Acid P2
  237. Twisted Perspective: It Was November (Original Mix)
  238. Ulrich Schnauss: Martin's Waiting
  239. Varia: Killer
  240. Verbose: Tethered
  241. Veronica Green: From Darkness to Light
  242. Victoria Lukas: Zelenogorsk
  243. Warm Aquarelle: Sluncho
  244. Weldroid: Weldroid: Hidden Treasure
  245. Western Eye CollectiV: Ash To Ash
  246. White Mask: The Centrepoint
  247. Wil Bolton: Balustrade
  248. Wisp: Ephemeris
  249. Wolf Asylum: Wolf Asylum: Anteq
  250. X&trick: I Want You
  251. Y Pencadlys: Poeni Am Billy
  252. Yonni: Untouched
  253. Z-Arc: Gathering Energy
  254. Zan Lyons: Making Angels In The Snow
  255. µ-Ziq: Melto


All proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support -

Some of the planet's greatest Electronic, Ambient & Modern Classical musicians come together for this amazing cause.

You can pay an amount of your choice here (£12 or over), and we will donate (and claim gift aid) on your behalf, or, you can go to and donate directly (and leave a message if you wish).

The artists have contributed their music for free.

Thanks for the support!
released 28 November 2014

Massive Thanks To All The Artists Who Have Donated Music To This Project.

A Massive thanks to all the people that help make this happen by asking artists for me and doing loads of other amazing things, you know who you are. (to many to name)

Thanks To Loz Grover

Thanks To El La & Candice Han @ Pitchblend

Artwork By Victor Ferreira (Aka Sun Glitters)

Thanks to my Rachael for being so understand as I've spend most of the year with my headphones on..

tags: electronic idm soundtrack music acustic ambient electronica idm experimental down-tempo idm. experemental indie United Kingdom