Nenormalizm Records Netlabel Day 2015


Nenormalizm Records Netlabel Day 2015
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  1. King Imagine: Tears Like Rain
  2. Potential DifferenSe: Febrarium 08-15
  3. Lackluster: Van Flandern Waterfall
  4. ZXC: Patterns
  5. Andy Quark: Amphibia Present Inspiration
  6. Clicks'n'Bugs: Solar Space
  7. 23:59: Insomnia
  8. Chillyic: Morning
  9. Inspectr: Dacha
  10. The Petrus: Round
  11. Pen Parker: Heartbeat
  12. SIJ: Air of Sadness and Abstraction
  13. Sonornote: Reuni
  14. TwichGarden: Neaera
  15. Robus Amp, Csum: Space Marine
  16. Sobrio: Krik Vtakov
  17. Illocanblo: Graviq Dub
  18. May and December: Siberiada


Hi, this is Nenormalizm and our compilation, which this time is dedicated to the first day of network labels. We hope that this date will be highlighted in our calendar of releases each year, and select venture day in the calendar, to listen music only from the netlabels we find pleasant. At this time, in the list of artists you can find new names and of course the material from our regular artists. Just hit a play button!

Welcome to the Netlabel Day
Save the date: July 14
On July 14, every single netlabel around the world is invited to join us in the first Netlabel Day ever, and you can be part of this.
A netlabel works on the Internet to let you know about the best independent music, and for supporting independent musicians from all over the world... So it is time to celebrate it!
We are gonna release free and independent music in high quality format, thanks to more than 80 participating labels (check the full list below) from all around the world. Also, we
have 13 unsigned and independent artists that will be releasing new and original stuff too, so there's a lot of free music coming for people in general.
It doesn't matter if you like rock, electronic, noise or whatever. All styles are invited and every netlabel too. Would you be part of the Netlabel Day? Wait for us until July 14, which is the
day when we will release all our music! By now, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more details, please contact us to
Netlabel Day is an initiative by the Chilean netlabel, M.I.S.T. Records.
Be different. Be the first..