Mergerz & Acquisitionz


Mergerz & Acquisitionz
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  1. Machine Drum: Steve Bam Jackson (Apology Mix) by Machine Drum
  2. Machine Drum, Nautilis: Blackwidow Mix By Nautilis
  3. Machine Drum, Kid606: Da Kidness By Kid606
  4. Machine Drum, Bauri: Offs (Live Jam Mix) by Bauri
  5. Machine Drum, Praveen: Stevie Good Ruins by Praveen
  6. Machine Drum, Team Doyobi: A Walk Through M And D by Team Doyobi
  7. Machine Drum, Chimerical Child, Looza: Disa Destruction by Chimerical Child & Looza
  8. Machine Drum, Funckarma: Machinebong by Funckarma
  9. Machine Drum, Acidwolf: Cherokee Lectro Mix by Acidwolf
  10. Machine Drum, Eustachian: Lights Out Remix by Eustachian
  11. Machine Drum, Jemapur: Bidnezz by Jemapur
  12. Machine Drum, Mochipet: Bass Against The Machine Mix by Mochipet
  13. Machine Drum, Deceptikon: Inner Outer Offs by Deceptikon
  14. Machine Drum, Epstein: Paso Doble Mix by Epstein
  15. Machine Drum, Calmer: Mltply (Hot Air Ballon Mix) by Calmer
  16. Machine Drum, Ginormous: Stevie Bam Jackson (Remix) by Ginormous
  17. Machine Drum, Mic Mell: Rope Some Dope Mix by Mic Mell
  18. Machine Drum: Untitled
  19. Machine Drum, Landau: Stevieblam by Landau
  20. Machine Drum, Proswell: Mltply Mach 5 by Proswell
  21. Machine Drum, Kettel: Stevie Bam Jackson Reimix by Kettel
  22. Machine Drum, Mesak: Offs (No Koffs Mesak Mix) by Mesak
  23. Machine Drum, Anders Ilar: Aieu (Ilarmix) by Anders Ilar
  24. Machine Drum, Proem: Cocaine Fueled Hipster Rude Boys by Proem
  25. Machine Drum, Deru: Jaya (Md Melange) by Deru
  26. Machine Drum, Kschzt: Steve Bam Jackson (E Kschzt Ra) by Kschzt
  27. Machine Drum, Talve: Talves Machinedrum Remix by Talve
  28. Machine Drum, Brasswork Agency: Break Stylez (Recovery Mix) by Brasswork Agency
  29. Machine Drum, Scrubber Fox: Mashine Frigg Mabillas O Blisa by Scrubber Fox
  30. Machine Drum, Wake: Trvsltsmltply by Wake
  31. Machine Drum, Miles Tilmann: Break Stylez (Remix) by Miles Tilmann
  32. Machine Drum, Crankshaft: Bill O Wads (Crankshaft Twist) by Crankshaft
  33. Machine Drum, Lackluster: Offsetcetera Lackluster Garment by Lackluster
  34. Machine Drum, Sabi: Offs (Salty Frost Remix) by Sabi
  35. Machine Drum, Secede: Offs (Cassis Wings Mix) by Secede


Mergerz & Acquisitionz is the biggest, most varied, and most all around head banging remix disc to come out on Merck yet. Its also the fifth, and will be final, remix cd that Merck will put out over its reputable career. These tracks hover around the aggressive cutup idm/hiphop style Machine Drum is known for, but branch in a number of ways. Some into more dense IDM reworkings, others into more upbeat and aggressive forays into sample reconstruction. Ranging from destructive sound organization, to much chiller downtempo, even dark tracks, this is a cd that meets a lot of needs.
Remixers include: Machinedrum, Nautilis, Kid 606, Bauri, Praveen, Team Doyobi, Looza & Chimerical Child, Funckarma, Acid Wolf, Eustachian, Jemapur, Mochipet, Deceptikon, Epstein, Calmer, Ginormous, Mic Mell, Landau, Proswell, Kettel, Mesak, Anders Ilar, Proem, Deru, Kschzt, Talve, Brasswork Agency, Scrubber Fox, Wake, Miles Tilmann, Crankshaft, Lackluster, Sabi, and Secede. Limited to 2000.