Tiny Robots


Tiny Robots
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  1. Advanced Dreams: Spacejazz
  2. aAirial: Printemps
  3. Alexander Chereshnev: Last Dance with Sharon Tate
  4. Alkor: Experimental Thought Revelation
  5. Ciaran Byrne: Dorion the 1st
  6. Low Orbit Satellite: Monmay
  7. Fthr: Never Ending Story
  8. Suecae Sounds: Fragmented Dialogues
  9. Weldroid: Kings Bad Dream
  10. Integer Ring: Litchi
  11. Acrilic Colors: Desert Earthworks
  12. MiglojE: MigloJE: Thats not what really means
  13. Low Orbit Satellite, Reii, Brothomstates, Crankshaft: Brothomstates & Crankshaft: Wekilldaenemy (Low Orbit Satellite & Reii remodel)
  14. 4T Thieves: Altered Reality
  15. Advanced Dreams: Long Squares of Fields
  16. Isoteric: Witching Hour
  17. Integer Ring: Waterloo
  18. Kuukala: The Merchant of Venice
  19. Alkor: Tiny Robots
  20. Brioskj: Strolling Along the Grand Canal
  21. Radioactive Sandwich: After All
  22. Khosro: Espoir
  23. Data Rebel: Mirror Image
  24. Isoteric: Stasis
  25. Weli: Lost on a Carousel Ride
  26. Yimino: Pouss
  27. Lackluster: Attack Mukadubtesti Flatbits
  28. Fthr: Someone Like You
  29. Xerxes, Phobium: Let It Go (Phobium Remix)


Finally after many months of collecting submissions, choosing the playlist, mastering and getting the cover artwork completed, its time for this years various artist mega release! And quite a release it is, with 29 tracks, 185 minutes of play time and a massive download of over 400MB for the podcast!

Loads of familiar faces are featured with all genres from the ambient to the strange and wonderful, so there will be favourite tracks for all.