Intelligent Toys 4


Intelligent Toys 4
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  1. Sabi: Dried Flowers, Mirrored World
  2. Joel Tammik: Vorm Ja Praegu
  3. Rumpistol: Dodvaegt
  4. Vladislav Delay: Lumi
  5. Near The Parenthesis: Nidae
  6. Jvox: Odyssey
  7. ENV(itre): The Upper Clouds In The Water
  8. Esem: Caffeine
  9. Maps & Diagrams: Panama!
  10. Tauboo, Lackluster: Delucht (Lacklustermx)
  11. Sense: IDK
  12. IJO, Multiplex: Terra Det (Multiplex Remix)
  13. Syntaks: Sunset Rust
  14. Sleepy Town Manufacture: Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore
  15. Praveen: Dreams
  16. Fatima Meets Kuriaki: Skyline
  17. Gultskra Artikler: Otvertka Dva
  18. Machine Drum: 0000001
  19. Praveen: Only To Make Ammends
  20. Funckarma: Bion Glent
  21. Kero: Bilder
  22. Quench: Octane
  23. rRine: Mulch
  24. Rec_Overflow, EEDL: Rec_Overflow & EEDL: Listen Through Da Window
  25. Leon Somov, Jazzu, Darius Zickus: Leon Somov Feat. Jazzu And Darius Zickus: Song About Love
  26. Monoceros: My Imaginary Band
  27. Ylid: Singing Hello (Featuring Francois)
  28. D.A.F.: Inflow


So here it is - long awaited and much anticipated fourth volume of our Intelligent Toys.
After releasing each part of this series we don't know whether we are going to make another one. Simply because it seems that we can't beat it. But then we do. Again and again. And we still don't know if we going to make another one. For the same reason.

This time we prepared almost two and half hours of gorgeous music. We won't discuss any of the artists because you know them really well already (and if you don't we'll leave the joy of discovery for you). As usual, we recommend you playing around and choosing the right toys for your mood, your character and weather in your city.

Much has been said before. Much will be left unsaid.
It's listening time now.