V/A: GTX2YVA Part. 1

Various Artists: GTX2YVA Part. 1 Cover


V/A: GTX2YVA Part. 1
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  1. Ignacio Zacco: Dimension
  2. Tobey: Send This To Ur Dad
  3. Twodeep: Fee Ling Blo
  4. Agustin Barbei: NU4080
  5. Matias Rapacioli: Dimension ZT
  6. Tony Paterno: Pluto (No Longer A Planet Dub)
  7. Paz Moroni: Trufa
  8. NATALIA NATALIA: SueƱos Inciertos
  9. Esa Ruoho: Pond Assemblage / Med Test (Gadafi Edit)
  10. NESXX21: Carne
  11. Fake Cities: Safari
  12. FRANCO.D': Field of Ganja
  13. REWX: Tres
  14. Gonzie: Oblivion (amb2_mix)
  15. Y-Fi Boyz: Ou Shet


This release of 30 songs, divided into 2 albums represents our way of celebrating two years of existence.
In this album we highlight the toxicity generated by the imperative need to belong to pre-existing surface circuits, where the methods, shapes and characters are always the same.
These harmful customs always benefit those who has less respect for music. That is why we try to transmit the opposite from the birth of this platform; we want to break the chains of mediocrity generated by the comfort of the pre-established, in order to reach interesting ports, and from them positively influence those around us, also transmitting the challenge of being themselves the ones setting the rules of their game.
During this time, we have learned a lot from the artists who accompanied and trusted us as a platform to spread their most personal projects; basically, because we believe that feedback among the participants of any movement is key, because it drives a domino effect.
From Guerrilla Tunes we seek to generate the growth of artists, and thus generate new platforms where the discourse is original... more
released November 9, 2019

Mastered by Pedro D'Alessandro.
Artwork by Freshcore.


Ignacio Zacco: http://soundcloud.com/ignaciozacco
Tobey: http://soundcloud.com/tobias-leiro
Twodeep: http://soundcloud.com/twodeepmusik
Agustin Barbei: http://soundcloud.com/agustinbarbei
Matias Rapacioli: http://soundcloud.com/matias-rapacioli
Tony Paterno: http://musicadotcom.bandcamp.com/album/tony-paterno-web-dubz-vol-1
Paz Moroni: http://soundcloud.com/moroni-4
NATALIA NATALIA: http://guerrillatunes.bandcamp.com/album/el-futuro-transhumano
Esa Ruoho: http://lackluster.org
Gadafi: http://mixcloud.com/paranoidtxt/
NESXX21: http://nesxx21.bandcamp.com/releases
Fake Cities: http://guerrillatunes.bandcamp.com/album/playing-in-bars-for-money
Franco.D': http://soundcloud.com/francodaddario
Rewx: http://soundcloud.com/rewxmusic
Gonzie: http://soundcloud.com/gonzalo_martin
Y-Fi Boyz: http://guerrillatunes.bandcamp.com/album/moral-aesthetics