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  1. Deep: Start
  2. Doc Wör Mirran: Eminor's Limbi
  3. Mystified: The Lightness
  4. Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf: Bss.4 Keith Emerson
  5. Esa Ruoho: Outtry
  6. Elektrojudas: Neuweg
  7. B*Tong: Beat this Man
  8. Artificial Memory Trace: Microbats and Ultrainsects
  9. Niku Senpuki: Der Wahnsinn der Ameise
  10. Here Be Monsters: Bavarian Krynge
  11. Orifice: B.M.T.G.
  12. Yield: Novembre II (Radio-Mix)
  13. Sustained Development: Bass Determines Superstructure
  14. Emerge: Monomial


After its first full year of operation, Attenuation Circuit assembled an album of both drones and rhythms, soundscapes and noises in early 2012. Like a good DJ set, the combination of these 14 previously unreleased tracks can be heard as a musical statement in its own right. But it also gives newcomers a good introduction of what Attenuation Circuit releases have sounded like in 2011 and may sound like in the future, because it brings together artists already on the label (some with several releases) and others who have releases forthcoming.

Completely new additions to the Attenuation Circuit roster introduced for the first time on this album are Niku Senpuki and Yield, while Here Be Monsters is a recent project by Zan Hoffman, whose late-80s work as Krynge is being rereleased by Attenuation Circuit. The other contributors, familiar to those who have been following AC’s releases, are Deep, Doc Wör Mirran, Mystified, Aalfang mit Pferdekopf (aka Mirko Uhlig), Esa Ruoho (aka Lackluster), Elektrojudas, B°tong, Artificial Memory Trace, Orifice, Sustained Development (aka Gerald Fiebig), and label boss Sascha Stadlmeier’s own EMERGE.