Super Mario Untwirled


Super Mario Untwirled
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  1. Koji Kondo, Veer Nales: Underwater Mario (Illadome Remix by Veer Nales)
  2. Koji Kondo, Leak: Boss Mario (Broken Remix by Leak)
  3. Koji Kondo, Klunko: Bowser Mario (Plumber's Crack Mix by Klunko)
  4. Koji Kondo, Bovaflux: Happy Mario (5am Bugfix Mix by Bovaflux)
  5. Koji Kondo, Daverout: Fanfare Mario (Land Of The Drums Mix by Daverout)
  6. Koji Kondo, XLLV: Flying Mario (XLLV Remix by XLLV)
  7. Koji Kondo, Veer Nales: Underwater Mario (Prncstdstllinabboystylee Remix by Veer Nales)
  8. Koji Kondo, Subi: Mario Theme (Miyamotonian Mix by Subi)
  9. Koji Kondo: Original Versions


A long time in the making and finally here (thanks to the contributors for their patience!), this EP gathers together 8 different re-interpretations of one of the greatest videogame soundtracks ever, from arguably the greatest game ever, Shigeru Miyamoto's 1991 SNES classic "Super Mario World".

Koji Kondo's sublime original score has been subverted by a number of idm-listers and Monotonik collaborators, and the results, we're sure you'll agree, are interesting, to say the least. From Veer Nales' spookily subversive glitchy take on Mario's underwater themes, to a beautifully widescreen Xllv remix, all the way to Subi's typically, uhh, different remix of the theme itself, we hope the plumber thinks we did him proud. and that, umm, he won't sue :)

Esa appears as XLLV