Squadron Sampler


Squadron Sampler
Release date


  1. Lackluster, Frank Bolero: Intro1 (Frank Bolero Re-Construct)
  2. MD: Fres Core
  3. Lackluster: Haloaw
  4. Brothomstates: 24101999 (Vinyl version)
  5. Machine Drum: Izey Rael


Featuring five tracks taken from the Squadron cd. With tracks by Frank Bolero & Lackluster, md, brothomStates(warp), Machine Drum and an vinyl exclusive track by Lackluster. With sounds ranging from classic idm, to dark electro, to melodious electronic hip hop. A quality release to reflect the content of the well received compilation cd.

"Intro1" (Lackluster + Frank Bolero) opens it with a two-headed tune, fragile harmonies playing with maimed percussive elements. "Fres Core" (MD).. a sonic show, featuring astounding panoramic manipulations, funky basses surfing on a layer of dub/dnb percussions, surrounded by a field of slightly distorded harmonies. It features also some nice rythmic surprises... a piece for lovers of the moral hard candy soundtrack. “Haloaw” (Lackluster) a dark electro ditty layered with piano plinks and flitty filtered string sounds. Catchy portamento synths parade in and out against the flanged drum beats. "24101999" (Brothomstates) is a peculiar tune: it constantly plays with the listener by disorienting him with unknown, but 'natural', 'analogic sounding' sonic and vocal elements: a sequence of events disdained by a sound, proud bass line. The percussive events progressively build the slow rythmic layer as the whole tune gets distorded towards the end, and rougher sounds take over. "Izey Rael" (Machine Drum) is hiphop inspired featuring slow, lush harmonies, hiphop rhythms, scratches, and vocal manipulations.

Limited to 2000 overall.
First 1000 with Yellow/Black label, 800 Black, 200 Clear Red, sleeves of the first 200 also contained black marker graffiti done by Merck staff/artists.
Second 1000 with full color label, 500 Black, 500 Red/White Marble.
The Brothomstates track, although titled the same as the Squadron CD track, is in fact a different and more aggressive remix of the CD version.