Merck Mix 3


Merck Mix 3
Release date


  1. Landau: Six Ways to Sunday
  2. Machine Drum: New Too
  3. Adam Johnson: Some Say
  4. Sense: Korma
  5. Machine Drum, Lackluster: Machine Drum (Lacklustermx) (28/04/01)
  6. Ilkae, Setzer: Untitled (Setzer Remix)
  7. Esem: Kyes Ivrload
  8. Proem: Pinching Point
  9. Proswell: Columbo Theme
  10. Secede: Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic
  11. Proem: When Frailty Fails
  12. MD: 5n9
  13. Ilkae, Proem: Untitled (Proem Remix)
  14. Deceptikon: Way of the Samurai
  15. Helios: Velius
  16. Frank And Bill: Frank and Bill: MA0x4
  17. Ilkae: Smok Ballet
  18. Aphilas: Collective Memory Loss
  19. Proswell: S Sixty E
  20. Landau: Brokenfader Break
  21. Blamstrain: List
  22. Chimerical Child: Serene
  23. Ilkae: Cinnamon Dragon Blues
  24. Tiki Obmar: Adolescent Blues
  25. Secede: Greetings Twinsunian
  26. Machine Drum: Hello My Future
  27. Ilkae, Landau: Untitled (Landau Remix)
  28. Vae: Possible to Rue
  29. Deceptikon: Germanic
  30. Mr. Projectile: I Am Back
  31. Oblq: Pain In My Gulliver
  32. Deceptikon: Inaccessibility
  33. Lackluster, Brothomstates: Suntrapez (Brothomstates Timing Techniques)
  34. Aphilas: Blind Matador
  35. Lackluster: 030503
  36. Mr. Projectile: Slow Rewards
  37. Shift: Bottle Caps
  38. Deceptikon: Narcissus
  39. Ilkae: Scarlet
  40. Syndrone: Cessation; Summation
  41. Lackluster: 07/10/99
  42. Landau: Ways Home
  43. Helios: Clementine
  44. Mr. Projectile: You Need
  45. Proswell: Duck
  46. Proem: Place Gun To Head


The 4-year anniversary of Merck brings us their third mix CD. Composed entirely of tracks from the Merck catalog and containing all tracks not previously used in any Merck Mixes. 
Artists included: Adam Johnson, Aphilas, Blamstrain, Deceptikon, Esem, Frank And Bill, Ilkae, Landau, Lackluster, Machine Drum, MD, Mr Projectile, Proem, Proswell, Secede, Sense, Syndrone, Tiki Obmar and more. Spanning the Merck time-line, the full spectrum of styles is represented.  Containing previously unreleased and exclusive tracks by Sense, Lackluster and a remix of Ilkae by Landau thrown in for that ‘trainspotter’ touch. Mixes that weave the songs together in a variety of creative and interesting ways, even the most die-hard Merck fanatic will have something new to enjoy. This is the second mix to be done by Ben Cormier and Dan Hartrell from Toronto, who displayed their adept mixing skills on Merck Mix 2. This mix is a real gem that displays the high quality music Merck has been releasing over the last 4+ years.