Merck Mix 2, Summer 2003


Merck Mix 2, Summer 2003
Release date


  1. Machine Drum: Half The Nattle
  2. Jimmy Edgar: Morris Nightingale: N.Y. Highrise Hotel
  3. Machine Drum, Proem: Thanks Very Much (All Bitches & Wheels Proemix)
  4. Ilkae: Tev-lev
  5. MD: Kkowboy
  6. Proswell: August Thirty-first
  7. Ilkae: Orange Line
  8. Jimmy Edgar: Kristuit Salu: Usually
  9. Machine Drum: Wishbone Be Broken
  10. MD: Kingsizebullmaster
  11. Esem: Swift Urban Departure
  12. Syndrone: Triskaideka
  13. Adam Johnson: Kriegspiel
  14. MD, Brothomstates: Appelsap (Brothomstates MDRMX)
  15. Esem: Alipe Lacks
  16. Blamstrain: Turn Back
  17. Lackluster: 28/06/00
  18. MD: Untitled 7
  19. Machine Drum, Brothomstates: Machine Drum (Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates)
  20. Lackluster: 18/10/99
  21. Proem: Negativ Reinforcements
  22. Ilkae: Sushifruit
  23. Ilkae: Hublander
  24. Machine Drum: Def In It
  25. Ilkae: Concord Low
  26. Proswell: Jasmine My Serious Flower
  27. Ilkae, o9: Untitled (O9 Remix)
  28. MD: Untitled 5
  29. Adam Johnson: Anex
  30. Syndrone: Candidate
  31. Blamstrain: Linja
  32. Adam Johnson: Version02
  33. Proem: Below Me Reds
  34. Machine Drum: Jewlea
  35. Brothomstates: 24101999 (Vinyl version)
  36. Ilkae: Elve


The 3-year anniversary of Merck brings us their second mix CD. Weighing in at almost a full 80 minutes, this 36 track compilation is composed entirely of tracks from the Merck catalog and manages to incorporate at least one song from every CD released to date.  Almost every Merck artist is showcased, including; Machinedrum, Lackluster, Esem, Blamstrain, Proswell, MD, Ilkae, Proem, Brothomstates, Morris Nightingale and Kristuit Salu. Spanning the time-line between the newest release by Adam Johnson and the debut Merck CD by Syndrone, the full spectrum of Merck styles is represented.  With a previously unreleased remix of Ilkae by o9 thrown in for that ‘trainspotter’ touch, and mixes that weave the songs together in a variety of creative and interesting ways, even the most die-hard Merck fanatic will have something new to enjoy. Lovingly mixed by Ben Cormier and Dan Hartrell from Toronto, two long-silent veterans of the scene, this mix is a real gem that displays the high quality music Merck has been releasing over the last 3 years.   LTD 1000