Merck Mix 1, Spring 2003


Merck Mix 1, Spring 2003
Release date


  1. Lackluster: Haloaw
  2. Adam Johnson: Sensible Imposter
  3. MD: Fres Core
  4. Machine Drum, VIM: Machine Drum (Vim's One More Record To Bits and Pieces Mix)
  5. Machine Drum: Uptown
  6. Blamstrain: Linja
  7. Proem: Negativ Reinforcements
  8. Esem: Square Lamp
  9. Adam Johnson: Autopop
  10. Jimmy Edgar: Morris Nightingale: Dope Soft Intake
  11. Proswell: Jasmine My Serious Flower
  12. Syndrone: Ifni
  13. Blamstrain: Alive In Arms
  14. Lackluster: 07/10/99
  15. Adam Johnson: Traber
  16. Jimmy Edgar: Kristuit Salu: Ethno Cen
  17. Esem: Upward Instlr
  18. Sense: 250600
  19. Blamstrain: Etkno76
  20. Machine Drum, Brothomstates: Machine Drum (Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates)
  21. MD, Ilkae: Untitled (Ilkae Packing Slip Remix)
  22. Machine Drum, Tstewart: Hello My Future (Tstewart Remix)
  23. Machine Drum, Secede: Yo What Uh Yeh (Secede's Dirty Indian Mix)
  24. Esem: Cee


The 3 year anniversary of Merck brings their first mix CD. Composed entirely of tracks from the Merck catalog plus a previously unreleased remix of Machinedrum by Secede, thrown in for the trainspotter touch. It was mixed by Terrahertz, a Baltimore resident Merck DJ, including some of his favorite Merck classics plus a smattering of the new releases that the label has continued to assault us with over the last few months. Including: Adam Johnson, Lackluster, Esem, Blamstrain, Machinedrum, Morris Nightingale, Kristuit Salu, Proswell, MD, Ilkae, Proem, Brothomstates and more. 24 tracks, 79:41 long, this disc is a real gem that displays the high quality music Merck has been releasing over the last 3 years. LTD 1000