Bovine Rearrangement


Bovine Rearrangement
Release date


  1. Ilkae, Secede: Untitled (Secede Remix)
  2. Ilkae, Shex: Untitled (Shex Remix)
  3. Ilkae, Kettel: Untitled (Kettel Remix)
  4. Ilkae, Daedelus: Untitled (Daedelus Remix)
  5. Ilkae, Setzer: Untitled (Setzer Remix)
  6. Ilkae, Tim Koch: Untitled (Tim Koch Remix)
  7. Ilkae, VIM: Untitled (Vim! Remix)
  8. Ilkae, Carrier Two: Untitled (Carrier Two Remix)
  9. Ilkae, Joseph Nothing: Untitled (Joseph Nothing Remix)
  10. Ilkae, ISAN: Untitled (ISAN Remix)
  11. Ilkae, Shex: Untitled (Shex Remix 2)
  12. Ilkae, Octopus Inc: Untitled (Octopus Inc. Remix)
  13. Ilkae, o9: Untitled (O9 Remix)
  14. Ilkae, Machine Drum: Untitled (Machine Drum Remix)
  15. Ilkae, Lackluster: Untitled (Lackluster Remix)
  16. Ilkae, MD: Untitled (MD Remix)
  17. Ilkae, Helios: Untitled (Helios Remix)
  18. Ilkae, Proem: Untitled (Proem Remix)
  19. Ilkae, Proswell: Untitled (Proswell Remix)
  20. Ilkae, Joseph Nothing: Untitled (Joseph Nothing Remix 2)


Bovine Rearrangement is the final payoff from the extensive Merck records remix project of Ilkae. Selected artists from around the globe were asked to remix one of the 45 tracks from the landmark debut Ilkae CD, Pistachio Island. Their original musical style could best be described as a mangled pairing of video games, hip hop and electronic guile. Its well reflected here in the remixes by Secede, Shex, Kettel, Daedelus, Setzer, Tim Koch, Vim, Carrier Two, Joseph Nothing, Isan, Octopus Inc, o9, Machine Drum, Lackluster, MD, Helios, Proem, and Proswell. Clearly an incredible lineup from a crew of people who hovered around the arcade in their younger years, and it paid off. Ltd 1000