Half The Battle CD


Half The Battle CD
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  1. Machine Drum: Half The Battle
  2. Machine Drum: Yo What Uh Yeh
  3. Machine Drum: Izey Rael (Icy Rail Remix)
  4. Machine Drum, Proem: Thanks Very Much (All Bitches & Wheels Proemix)
  5. Machine Drum, Brothomstates: Machine Drum (Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates)
  6. Machine Drum, Ilkae: Yo What Uh Yeh (Ilkae Tapejam)
  7. Machine Drum, Proswell: Pony Machine Drum Racquetball (Proswell Mix B)
  8. Machine Drum, Lackluster: Izey Rael (Lacklustermx)
  9. Machine Drum, Xela: Are I (Xela Soul In The Machine Mix)
  10. Machine Drum, Tstewart: Hello My Future (Tstewart Remix)
  11. Machine Drum, Secede: Izey Rael (Secede's Return To Island Cx Rmx)
  12. Machine Drum, VIM: Machine Drum (Vim's One More Record To Bits and Pieces Mix)
  13. Machine Drum, Esem: Half The Battle (Esem Cloudfield)
  14. Machine Drum, Tim Koch: Machine Drum (Tim Koch's Thousand Times Over Mix)
  15. Machine Drum, Syndrone: Jewlea (Breaking Up Remix by Syndrone)


This version of “Half the Battle” is the CD format of the previous vinyl release of the same name. Except this version it has nine bonus remixes! The CD is basically 3 original tracks by Machine Drum made after Now You Know but before Urban Biology. These tracks hover around the aggressive cutup idm/hiphop style Machine Drum is known for. The other 12 tracks are remixes by various merck artists, ranging from the same aggressive style, to much chiller downtempo, even dark tracks. In brief, Proem returns to the kungfu cutup of Thanks Very Much, Brothomstates puts on a ripping anthem that blew the crowd up at Sonar and Phoenix, Ilkae comes through with a nice mellow bumpiness to round things off, and many more soon to be classic tracks inhabit this cd.
Remixers include: Proem, Brothomstates, Ilkae, Proswell, Lackluster, Xela, TStewart, Secede, Vim, Esem, Tim Koch, and Syndrone. Ltd 2000