Departure [First Class Edition]


Departure [First Class Edition]
Release date


  1. Mick Chillage: Departure
  2. Mick Chillage: Sub Harmony
  3. Mick Chillage: Pure Blue
  4. Mick Chillage: The Final Storm
  5. Mick Chillage: Cruise Control
  6. Mick Chillage, Jon Teknik: Departure (Jon Teknik's Remix)
  7. Mick Chillage, Lackluster: Departure (Lackluster Extended Remix)
  8. Mick Chillage, Stefano Vozza: Departure (Stefano Remix)
  9. Mick Chillage, Thatboytim: Departure (Thatboytims Remix)
  10. Mick Chillage, Dave Anderson: Pure Blue (Dave Anderson Mix)
  11. Mick Chillage, Lackluster: Pure Blue (Lackluster Remix One)
  12. Mick Chillage, Lackluster: Pure Blue (Lackluster Remix Two)
  13. Mick Chillage, Andrew Duke: Pure Blue (Andrew Duke Remix)
  14. Mick Chillage, Tomas Jirku: Sub Harmony (Tomas Jirku Remix)
  15. Mick Chillage, Eight Minus Eight: Sub Harmony (Eight Minus Eight Remix)
  16. Mick Chillage, The Parallel: Sub Harmony (The Parallel Remix)
  17. Mick Chillage, Neu Gasalt: Sub Harmony (Neu Gasalt Remix)
  18. Mick Chillage, Channel 73: The Final Storm (Channel 73 Remix)
  19. Mick Chillage, Itokim: The Final Storm (Itokim Remix)
  20. Mick Chillage, Pentatonik: The Final Storm (Pentatonik Remix)


In 2009 I released my second EP "Departure" for Irish based Techno label Nice and Nasty now in their 20th year.Nice and Nasty are better known for their more dancefloor friendly cuts so the title "Departure"seemed more than fitting for the release that consisted of four "Chill Out" or "Downtempo" electronic music that ranged from elements of Jazz to soundtrack inspired ambience to bleepy and bass driven frequencies.

Shortly after the release of the original EP a collection of remixes followed, a remix EP of each track every three months which saw the likes of Finlands IDM master Lackluster turning out a couple of rather stunning glitchy yet emotive remixes.

Dave Anderson [Ferox] Showing of his distinct freestyle keyboard playing style amongst some funky yet minimal grooves.Tomas Jirku's remix went off on a really deep musical and majestic vibe.

Ireland's new techno shinning light The Parellel turned out a solid chunk of abstract electro which got some airplay on Dave Clarke's White Noise radio show and UK based IDM/Classical veteran Pentatonik delivered an epic cinematic remix of The Final Storm.