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  1. Cinema Within: Drifting into a dreamlike state
  2. Ambientium: The beam
  3. Moodix: Porky big
  4. Pece: We used to have ideals
  5. Data Rebel, Planet Boelex: Data Rebel vs Planet Boelex: Lost in dam central vs Exist (Planet Boelex Rebel rework)
  6. A2B2C2: Deus
  7. Madstyle: Dark distance
  8. Solaris Sound System: Bells of resurrection
  9. Risch: Ishiki
  10. Coax: The spirit
  11. Caroline Jago: Threads
  12. Personunknown: Yellow lines unbroken
  13. Yimino: Mr pastry
  14. Alexander Chereshnev: Radiomoloko
  15. Madstyle: Ruhe pol
  16. Moroza_Knozova: Haziondr
  17. MiglojE: Pherek ksyon
  18. Alkor: To the earth and back
  19. Madstyle: Madstyle: Tension
  20. Leniad: Farfields
  21. Anonymous3: The soft cell
  22. Lackluster: Leaving
  23. Curious Inversions: Thread on the water
  24. Faex Optim: Schwarzgerat
  25. Yimino: Niblik
  26. Exosphere: In every soul
  27. Madstyle: In hope of mystic
  28. aAirial: Memories of a water drop
  29. Leniad: Snowy 1
  30. Wookiee: Solar wind
  31. Data Rebel: Continuum filter
  32. 4T Thieves: Cup of real time
  33. Spherecore: To get her
  34. Opaeq: Roatan 14
  35. Suecae Sounds: Spirit level
  36. Weldroid: Walking on a thin line
  37. Sektor, Clio: Sektor & Clio: Shii
  38. Ambientium: Caves
  39. Opaeq: Kusa
  40. 4T Thieves: Moon forest (Threads version)


It's the Kahvi Christmas release 2014! Threads is a culmination of a year of gathering submissions, processing, mastering and finally compiling this 40 track release for your listening pleasure!

Kahvi listeners will recognise some artists, some regular appearances along with a couple of rare visitors appear within Threads, and then as usual this is a great opportunity to showcase some up and coming artists.

Playing time is 3 hours 20 minutes! And for the first time ever, a FLAC version is available over at our new Bandcamp page. There is no minimum amount to download but please consider supporting the artists involved!