Empires E.P. Remixes Part 1


Empires E.P. Remixes Part 1
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  1. Anodyne, Roel Funcken: Empire of Light (Roel Funcken remix)
  2. Anodyne, Dead Fader: Empire of Light (Dead Fader remix)
  3. Anodyne, Anstam: Empire of Light (Anstam's Quaint Freud mix)
  4. Anodyne, Lackluster: Empire of Dust (Lackluster remix)
  5. Anodyne, Fausten: Empire of Glass (Fausten remix)
  6. Anodyne, Fausten: Empire of Glass (Fausten's Null und Nichtig mix)


Building upon the powerful Empires EP, the Empires remixes feature superbly engineered re-interpretions by the likes of Dead Fader, AQF (Anstam), Roel Funcken, Lackluster and Fausten.

"Having remixed Anodyne’s brilliant Corrosion album, the Finnish veteran producer return with a powerful rework for Empire of Dust, furious, fierce crisp beats riding atop a big rolling sub, brooding atmospherics and awesome synth work, with huge searing strings that make you feel like you’re standing still in time, with gaze locked into the distant future/past."

"Powerfully dynamic remixes of Anodyne's dark and Techy IDM/Electro cut 'Empire Of Light' from Roel Funcken, Anstam, Lackluster, Dead Fader and Fausten. Funckarma's Roel makes a dextrous incision with bucking prog-funk torque, whereas Dead Fader's is unusually sweet and melodic, and Anstam's loaded with tense drum breaks and widescreen Sci-Fi synth dramas. Lackluster's is probably the most dancefloor-friendly, adhering to a hard-swung Electro schematic with deliciously darkside sense of narration, and Combat's new boy Fausten pops his cherry with a granite-sculpted and sandblasted ElectroXDubstep re-structuring." - Boomkat

“5 thoroughly engaging remixes of tracks from one of my fav EPs of 2011. The AQF and Dead Fader remixes would be my firm favs here, but I’ve enjoyed them all.” – Acroplane

“Combat continues the war against trend with another of its superb remix packages, this time courtesy of Anodyne. There’s some serious production skill on show here with an equal mix of open, melodic soundscapes and claustrophobic anti-dancefloor sludge. All good with me” – Steve Cloaks, 3by3 Music

“Loving this release. Anstam and Fausten remixes are the gold tickets here. Brutal, fragile, engrossing and dark. Quite liked Lackluster’s remix from the off but those 2 have really cemented themselves into my headspace.” – Darkfloor UK

“This is an impressively consistent set of remixes from a really interesting collection of artists. Most people seem to have latched on to the epic synthscapes from the original tracks, which gives the thing a unified feel. There’s plenty of internal difference though. The Roel Funcken mix brings a kind of technoid funk into play with brilliant, twitchy drum programming. The Dead Fader mix shows their unexpectedly introspective side, which is great to hear. Fausten close things off nicely, kind of the unsettling, claustrophobic flipside to all the epic euphoria. Great to hear such an uncompromising release.” – Angus Finlayson, The Quietus

“Loving this Dead Fader mix especially! listened to it several times today now… Roel Funcken mix is heavy as and all.” – Oslek, Frijsfo Beats