The Nines


The Nines
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  1. Photophob: Parts Apart
  2. Araya: Indigo Shoots
  3. StörungStelle: Unfinished (RIP Diathroda)
  4. Moroza_Knozova: Rosolam (Novoxmix)
  5. Lackluster: LL200105
  6. Randomform: Bliq-Per
  7. Syndrom: Nine Paths Through The Hills
  8. Lokua: Next Door
  9. Materia Prima: Pandemia


Words by Thierry Massard @ noCo...mment:

Try to catch a protean asteroid, try to classify a acceleration place out of the box!

For sure, that bypass is impalpable...a shimmering surprise coordinated by an alchemist without blinkers. The nines...not the exception that proves hypothetical rules, enthusiastic, enterprising, after 32 notable references, ZhangJW have decided to call together new incomers (except Syndrôm) to be sure to give new avenues of investigation and jump over the trap of the first compilation exercice.

The leap is as graceful and elegant, as the reception carries a multitude of impressions and plurial feelings, without forgetting to mention the humor of some of the guests for their peking host - Alternately, an inspired lethargic dub, a dark blue frantic nostalgia, an unfinished and masterly track, a hit from Moscow or Esa giving us a strange ritournelle as a possible closure, a decoy.

The nine directions of that "S" are multiplied, for sure, but dotted with authentic free electrons in autonomy - particles in emulsion, crystallized for a moment, before a new mad rush, but I digress. Then, what about other assumptions, the classicism of a few times spent through the hills which are becoming more surprising and lyrical, or maybe the quiet and solid dematerialization of soundscapes orchestrated by a Sorin Paun at his best, saved in extremis in a scenographic loop history, a mysterious next door, finally closed by an off voice, on a laconic "bacteria bacteria" previously demonstrated through orientalism by Materia Prima as a high definitive testimony on monitors.

Finally, is it still really necessary to specify that "the nines" is not a nice illustrated catalog...

Artwork by Kinle Wo
Mastered by ZhangJW