Intelligent Toys 2


Intelligent Toys 2
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  1. Marsen Jules: Brouillard
  2. Ruxpin: You Look Lovely In This Spacesuit
  3. Sleepy Town Manufacture: Restrained Ambitions
  4. Mint: When I Was Yours
  5. Zegunder: Caterpillar
  6. NDelay: Generic Host Process
  7. Vesna: Setmsk
  8. Sense: Oh Yeah Baby
  9. EU: Reruw
  10. Ulrich Schnauss: Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Away
  11. Multiplex: 000 - Return
  12. ML: Song
  13. Manual: A Real America
  14. Broca: Anatomique
  15. Maps & Diagrams: Siaptik
  16. Novel 23: Waiting For Touch
  17. ENV(itre): Yloenog
  18. Sleepy Town Manufacture: O Nei
  19. Liudas Svirskas: V Impro
  20. Unit 21: Yellow
  21. Praveen: Vespers
  22. Unit 21: Yellow
  23. Praveen: Vespers
  24. Verbose: Maykasaharaspointofview
  25. Ruxpin: Too Much
  26. Lackluster: Glass 080598
  27. Sabi: Uki Reflection
  28. Faction: And Not Very Transparent
  29. Manual: Crystal Pier
  30. Sleepy Town Manufacture: O Nei (Unit 21 Remix)


8 months have passed since the release of the first volume of Intelligent Toys. We thought that is impossible to do a better compilation for virtual label at that time. But as the second volume proves it is always possible to do better  you just have to want and do your best to make it real. At some points it has even overcome our biggest expectations. So there is hardly anything more to say  24 names 9 of which have never published their music on virtual labels can tell you everything else. Besides, all of 27 tracks have been never released before  all of them are exclusive for Intelligent Toys 2 and some of the tracks are already planned for real publishing.

As in the first volume of the compilation musical content is very varying so everybody can find his own favourite tracks. We tried to keep the harmony between various styles of electronic music. So you will find different sorts of stuff here: from monotonic ambient to light indie/instrumental, from sweet or crazy IDM to chillout drum & bass which was produced by the only one Lithuanian artist of IT2 Â Liudas Svirskas.

It already became standard that every release of Sutemos is accompanied by a bunch of artworks. Intelligent Toys 2 is not an exclusion. It will feature 19 pieces of art made by our friends that illustrate the idea of child/toy/doll. But some of the artists have extended this format by improvising with moods and cosiness. We are very grateful to them.

This compilation Is dedicated to Julija.