Intelligent Toys 1


Intelligent Toys 1
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  1. Sleepy Town Manufacture: K.A.B.Y.N.
  2. Crashed By Car: Full Speed Dead
  3. Sense: Here
  4. Lackluster: Thor's Magic Bathtub
  5. Esem: Eesn: L4 Tely
  6. 3tronik: Have A Nice Day
  7. Skardas: Kilti Dangun
  8. Stud: A Popup Will Popup
  9. Proswell: Illipuru
  10. Tim Koch: Korgo
  11. Sovacusa: Osloka
  12. ML: Ukelangelo
  13. Khonnor: Cantelopps
  14. Bauri: Fling
  15. shnare.sys: Nice Shoes Bitch


This compilation is our real toy. The idea to compile it was born even before the appearance of But we had to make a long way, to create our own face, to gather contacts, to become interesting abroad. A more than year long work is finally finished and it is all hidden deep inside the intelligent toy. It was worth waiting.

February 29th. The date - compilation was released ? is as rare and uncommon as the compilation is for us. Now we can boast that we gathered a bunch of IDM stars which present a number of previously unreleased tracks. We did not try to prove anything to anyone or to race anybody. Compilation's concept is the same as the concept of the site ? all that we like.

Intelligent Toys are acompanied by a virtual collection of visual art. It was especially made for the Intelligent Toys. Authors of various photos/manipulations were creating art that reflects a doll/toy/child theme. Those works are like a body part of the compilation for they complete the music and fill in the empty toy making it orbicular.