Initial Release: Surgery Compilation 01


Initial Release: Surgery Compilation 01
Release date


  1. Aspen: My Music In Your Mouth
  2. Fizzarum: Exivyd
  3. Lackluster: 11/11/99
  4. Duann: Loose Change
  5. Octopus Inc: Open Tooth
  6. K-Rad: 174lemn
  7. Boulderdash: Casio Kid
  8. Mitchell Akiyama: I Tride
  9. Pretty Boy Crossover: Pencil Box (Basement)
  10. Cornelius W: Discop
  11. Mr. Projectile: Flying Sounds
  12. Sleepy: Foob
  13. Jet Jaguar: Loss Apache
  14. VIM: Vim!: Thin Strips Of You
  15. MD: New York Middle Class
  16. Bauri: It Doesn't Matter
  17. Epoq: Snow Globe
  18. Jeremy Dower: Dr. Dx100 And The Pc Folk Ensemble - Sweet Dreams
  19. Eric Skogen: Gosub
  20. CiM: Track
  21. Novel 23: M.L.
  22. Plod: Boyta
  23. Other People's Children, Super Science: Skywave (Electrified The Sky remix by Super Science)
  24. K-Rad: 149idn
  25. VIM: Vim!: Jackie Batey
  26. Unagi Patrol: Party
  27. Orpheus: Ascend


Limited to 1000 copies.

Track 2-1 listed as "Electrified The Sky", with artists as "Super Science vs. Other People's Children".

CD2 contains a data track at the beginning of the CD with URLs to artists websites. This track is denoted on the liner notes as Track 2-1 but it does not register as such on regular CD players, so track 2-1 is actually shown on the CD as 2-2, etc.