Y9: Nine Years Of Psychonavigation Records


Y9: Nine Years Of Psychonavigation Records
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  1. Buckminster Fuzeboard: Local Tone
  2. Gel-Sol: Your Day In The Sun
  3. Roddy Monks: What A Wonderful Life
  4. Tiny Magnetic Pets: Spinning
  5. Aza, Eoin: Aza & Eoin: Miles & Miles
  6. Enrico Coniglio , Arve Henriksen: Enrico Coniglio Arve Henriksen: W & J Them
  7. Sean Quinn: Seán Quinn: Im Here Twice
  8. cjc: Point
  9. Matthew Devereux: I Love You Like A Robot
  10. Ciaran Byrne: Curtain Moon
  11. EEDL, Lackluster: Too Few Arguments (No Arguments LACKLUSTERMX)
  12. P.P.Roy: Cop Theme
  13. R.S.A.G.: Talk Back Crawl Back
  14. Brawdcast: Soulsearch
  15. Soul Gun Warriors, U-Mass: Soul Gun Warriors U-Mass: Sloth
  16. Roger Doyle: Adolf Gebler Finale


Psychonavigation Records started in 2000. The label was set up by Dublin DJ Keith Downey. His original ambition was to release music from Irish musicians who sent demos of their music into his popular radio programmes on pirate radio stations Kiss FM & Power FM. The debut compilation 'Psychonavigation the compilation' was released in mid 2000 and what followed over the past 9 years has been a steady release of quality music from both Irish & international musicians from every part of the globe.

Respected artists such as : Roedelius, The Orb, Gel-Sol, Mixmaster Morris, Richard H Kirk, Arve Henriksen, David Moufang, Lackluster, Murcof, Susanna And The Magical Orchestra , R.S.A.G. and The Pale have all contributed to the label's success. The label has just celebrated its 33rd release in the form of 'Y9'.

Artwork By [Caricature] – robinblackmore5@gmail.com
Artwork By [Cover Design] – citizenquinn@gmail.com
Compiled By – Keith Downey

Dedicated to the memory of Roddy Monks.