Circuits Imprimés vol. 03


Circuits Imprimés vol. 03
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  1. Valance Drakes: The Gift of Eternity
  2. Maps & Diagrams: Tajuissaan
  3. Roel Funcken: Buron Hin
  4. Architect: Creme Cuts
  5. Dirk Geiger: The 27th Letter
  6. C.H. District: Hqr Kioob
  7. Syndrom: Connected
  8. Karsten Pflum: Coil Up Swedish Pony Riding
  9. EU: Broken Dub
  10. Pleq, Hajimeinoue: Pleq and Hajimeinoue: Motion Light
  11. Lauki: Noon
  12. Sifa Dias: Transmit 49
  13. The Green Kingdom: 85
  14. Sense: 454J
  15. Yvat: Accession
  16. Joel Tammik: Paat
  17. Tim Koch: Mocean
  18. Joseph Auer, Lackluster: Harajuku (Lackluster Pitch Mix)
  19. Fedaden: Rmnt
  20. Vndl: VNDL: Turbine
  21. Poborsk: Uneven
  22. Tapage: Removed


After the first volume which was a tribute to the netlabels scene & the second volume with our main artists, here it comes 'Circuits Imprimés vol. 03'. This time we invited some of our favorite artists to make their own 'PCB' sound. A nice way to celebrate 5 years of our netlabel.
Abstract, IDM, Glitch or whatever the style, you'll find on this final volume some great interpretations of what we call 'Circuits Imprimés'.
We hope we have succeeded to connect all this electronic components together to achieve a complex electronic circuit. But those 'PCB' tracks are not intended to be printed only on your hard drive, but to be printed in your brain.../...

- Compiled by Pleq & Syndrôm -

Architect -
C.H. District -
Dirk Geiger -
EU -
Fedaden -
Hajimeinoue -
Joel Tammik -
Joseph Auer -
Karsten Pflum -
Lackluster -
Lauki -
Maps And Diagrams -
Pleq -
Poborsk -
Roel Funcken -
Sense -
Sifa Dias -
Syndrôm -
Tapage -
The Green Kingdom -
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