Exposure Means Addiction - 2012 Remixes


Exposure Means Addiction - 2012 Remixes
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  1. Spearchukka!, Harem Tone: Exposure Means Addiction (Harem Tone Remake)
  2. Spearchukka!, Lackluster: Exposure Means Addiction (Lackluster Remix)
  3. Spearchukka!, Lackluster: Exposure Means Addiction (Lackluster’s Other Mix)
  4. Spearchukka!, Eight Minus Eight: Exposure Means Addiction (Eight Minus Eight Remix)
  5. Spearchukka!: Exposure Means Addiction (Original Mix)


"In 2001 Exposure Means Addiction by Barry Wigham's Spearchukka! appeared on Ceol Don Todhchai, a vinyl release by Nice & Nasty. It became single of the month in Ireland's BBm magazine and was featured in various UK and Irish publications, including some wonderful write ups by Sunil Sharpe and Dean Sherry. In 2011 The Eigh Minus Eight remix appeared on a Dublin Xpress compilation whist early in 2012 Desy Balmer included the original in his Beyond Belfast album. Hiding away in the vaults at Nice & Nasty HQ were 2 mixes from Lackluster and then a new inspired club version from Jay Riordan we feel it time to re-releash and unleash this fine collection. The original is so timeless and beautiful I hope you find the time to chart or at least leave some feedback. I have finally added the Harem Tone remix. A bubbly club cut from Jay Riordan and the full release goes live in a coupe of weeks. Enjoy this promo. Please leave some feedback and share on Bake Book, Myspace etc. "If I have one wish for this music, other than you enjoying this music, is that the creator Barry Wigham gets back behind a PC and Piano and make some new tunes (DB)"."