Engine Eyes EP


Engine Eyes EP
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  1. The Ebertbrothers: Sunset Carchase
  2. The Ebertbrothers: Rusty Black Bike
  3. The Ebertbrothers, Karsten Pflum: Black String (Karsten Pflum Where Are You Mix)
  4. The Ebertbrothers, Lackluster: Feature Film (Lackluster Remix)
  5. The Ebertbrothers, Badun: Sympathy Changes (Badun Remix)
  6. The Ebertbrothers: Dead End Junction
  7. The Ebertbrothers: Learning To Walk


Sunset and Delirium
The Ebertbrothers are Axel and Michael Ebert, an artist/composer duo living and working in Berlin. They started to collaborate in 2006, first creating video art pieces, then moving more towards a combi- nation of visual&sound performances, which is now their main focus. So far they self-released several live recordings, an album and an EP. In may 2011 they released the Album “Susten Pass” (CD & Download) on Mindwaves Music which was reviewed very well by Cyclic Defrost, Igloomag, Headphone Commute and others.

“Engine Eyes EP” is their second release on Mindwaves Music, featuring four new tracks plus three remixes of tracks from “Susten Pass”. The remixes were done by fellow electronic artists Lackluster, Badun and Karsten Pflum. The range of approaches on the EP extends from the straightforward to the rather complex and experimental. Within 35 minutes the music shifts from warm and melodic moments over crunchy excursions to dramatic and delirious depths. It closes with the impulsiveness of “Learning to walk”. As on “Susten Pass” a huge diversity of approaches is held together by a dark and cinematic perspective of how things should sound.