10 Years Of Monotonik - The Mix


10 Years Of Monotonik - The Mix
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  1. Bliss: Life On The Rooftop
  2. Secede: Seafold
  3. Planet Boelex: Paprikas From Deep
  4. VIM: Vim!: Whirlwind Snooker
  5. Braces Tower: King Of Rock
  6. Ramone: Back To The Oldskool
  7. Super Science: Sometimes We're Happy
  8. Whiskas: As In Cockroach
  9. Dreamfish: Twisted Riddim
  10. Fun Tourist: Ddd
  11. Beak: Amoral Mayor Earwig
  12. Twilight: Crystal Rain
  13. Lackluster: Starcell U.K.
  14. Aleksi Virta: Outer Edge Intro
  15. Thug: Obatem By Night
  16. Jiva: Sous L'eau Au Pied
  17. Luminfire: Bananadittydub
  18. Esem: Thinmute
  19. Sense: Icy L Tap
  20. Sleepy Town Manufacture: Lain Say You Care
  21. Grandma: Strawberry Rhubarb Oppai
  22. Transient: Trashybin
  23. Idmonster: The Force May Be With You


So, we made it - '10 Years Of Monotonik - The Mix' is testament to that. It's hard to believe that it was in early 1996 that we first started up our net.label Mono - initially as a .MOD-only label, since this was before the days of MP3s (and, indeed, of very wide use of the Internet.) What a long way we've come since then.

The first couple of years, for those who recall it, actually had individual Commodore Amiga-based BBSes distributing our material as 'official distros', before FTP sites such as Aminet kicked in and made spreading material much easier, then Scene.org started helping out and a switch to PCs and MP3s was made (in around 1999!) From then on out, there was a dalliance with sublabels, including the now defunct Mono211 and Monoraveik, before Monotonik was standardized on and we carried on publishing the best Creative Commons-licensed, freely distributable MP3s we could find right to where we are now, halfway through the '00s.

So many people deserve thanks for helping us keep on keeping on - from Tommy (Support.nl admin) through stalwart Monotonik releasers such as Vim! and Lackluster, and more recent supporters like Ossi (Planet Boelex). I'd like to thank my family and my wife Holly for giving me the inspiration to continue Mono, but most of all, it's the Monotonik artists - you're the label, not me, and it would be nothing without you.

It's hard to estimate exactly, but millions of music tracks from hundreds of Monotonik artists have been downloaded in the last ten years, and thus, we commissioned a special mix from Christopher 'Whalefish' Whaley to honor some of our favorite Mono artists and moments. Here's the full tracklisting (and there's some danger of a part 2 mix, since we had to leave so much good stuff out, btw)