Merck Fragments


Merck Fragments
Release date


  1. Blamstrain: Spring-Summer (2001 Mix)
  2. Ilkae, Landau: Luminette (Landau Remix)
  3. Ilkae, Talve: Rusty Mittens (Talve Remix)
  4. Lackluster: Ambling On
  5. Proem: Array Shuffler
  6. Talve: There's Always A Girl
  7. Temp Sound Solutions: Phrt
  8. Tiki Obmar, Esem: I I I Was (Remixed By Esem)
  9. Tiki Obmar, Lackluster: Lilypads (Lackluster Remix)
  10. Tim Koch, Talve: Vakohai (Talve Remix)
  11. Tim Koch, Cepia: X To M (Cepia Remix)
  12. Proem: Live At KTRU 06-15-2001
  13. Proem: Live At KVRX 10-09-2001
  14. Proem: Live At Amoda 03-12-2002
  15. Proem: Live At Slightly Bent 11-22-2002
  16. Proem: Live At Emos 04-24-2003
  17. Proem: Live At Austin 07-13-2003
  18. Proem: Live At Oscillate 10-16-2004
  19. Proem: Live At LSR 03-19-2006
  20. Proem: Live At Digitalnimbus 10-20-2006


This disc marks one of the last releases on Merck, as well as a new direction. The disc is entirely in the Data CD format. Meaning that it is intended to be used in your PC/Mac Computer, or in an MP3-Enabled CD Player, but WON’T play in your standard old school CD Player. The reason we’ve done this is that we’ve crammed over 7 hours of music on here in MP3 format. It features over an hours worth of music in 11 new tracks and remixes from Merck artists, Blamstrain, Landau, Talve, Lackluster, Proem, Esem, Temp Sound Solutions, and Cepia. Plus over 6 hours of recordings of live sets by Proem, spanning his career here at Merck (2001-2006). Then as an added bonus we’ve included over 300 pictures and photos from the history of Merck, including a gallery of art by Fthr Productions, as well as a retrospective of all the Merck CD covers, and then some behind the scenes photos, graphics, and unreleased cd artwork. Not to be missed, this is a must have for any Merck fan or collector. Ltd 1000