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  1. Nuuk: Single Piano
  2. Leksha: Terraforming
  3. Nagz: Bowtie Scopes
  4. Jim Black: Micro Changes In Air Density
  5. Island near the clouds: Island Near The Clouds: Vertical Limit
  6. aAirial: Weekends End
  7. Luntaire: Half Moon
  8. Xerxes: The Tobias Heimlich Maneuver
  9. Weldroid: Insect Patrol
  10. Alkor: Revelry
  11. Gurusoul: Need
  12. Trans Alp: Ya
  13. Suecae Sounds: Better Than Crayons
  14. Ciaran Byrne: Mechanoid Gull
  15. Rudi B Stranden: Caustics
  16. Dream Lab: The Return
  17. Pece: I Can Feel Spring In My Bones
  18. Anatomyofneed: Cherish The Moments You'll Never Have
  19. Clements Acidus: Spring Awakening
  20. Brioskj: All That You're Still Looking For
  21. 4T Thieves: When The Sun Meets The Moon
  22. Lackluster: Footsteps
  23. Anatomyofneed: Marketable Product Remember
  24. Brioskj: Bday
  25. Fark: Kjumm
  26. Audio Cephlon: Majlis Al Jinn
  27. Lackluster: Sina
  28. Dream Lab: Fields of Confusion
  29. Paul Illin: Colcritile Green
  30. Starcade: Knight of Cups


The VA release for 2011 is finally upon us. After many months of collecting submissions, organising the playlist and mastering along with creating the cover artwork, the result is 'Terraform'.

In the theme of new planets and the creation of new worlds, the tracks evolve the struggle and desperation involved, along with the chilled out vibes of lush new valleys and beautiful landscapes.

The VA includes 30 tracks from 28 artists including some famous and familiar (and there is even one of the first new tracks from 4T Thieves included). Its a huge download (400mb for the mp3 archive, 360mb for the podcast) but I hope you'll agree that the result is worth it!