Hydroton - a Model of Cold Fusion: Original Soundtrack


Hydroton - a Model of Cold Fusion: Original Soundtrack
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  1. Lackluster: Unveiling
  2. Lackluster: Wet Echoes Part XIV
  3. Lackluster: Fragrance
  4. Lackluster: Walls Low Ebb
  5. Lackluster: Circling


The soundtrack for Hydroton: A Model of Cold Fusion - shot and edited by Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now!

Ruby reached out to me after we worked together for the "Anomalous Effects in Deuterated Systems - Melvin Miles: The correlation of Excess Heat and Helium - the Navy LENR Research Series" documentary (you can view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=KM82RW7_II4 ) and requested original music for the new documentary.

She also sent over the footage of her interviews with Edmund Storms for Hydroton, and I got down to working on the music. We were able to reach a rapport as to how the tracks could sound like and the general feel, and within the space of a couple of months had the soundtrack down and ready to be placed into the documentary.

There's a bit of gear involved in this, and software - but the gear-list is pretty simplistic: Clavia Nord MicroModular, Roland D-2 Groovebox, Pure Data, Ableton Live and the Faderfox UC-4 midi-controller. Oh, and some piano loops from the Dublin 2004-2005 era used in Fragrance.

Check out the documentary at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4BPtwzsgiw and enjoy.

You can find out more about Cold Fusion / Low Energy Nuclear Reactions / Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions at coldfusionnow.org

P.s. don't forget to tune in to the brand new Cold Fusion Now! -podcast series at http://coldfusionnow.org/cfnpodcast/ or on your iTunes.

Hydroton - a Model of Cold Fusion: Original Soundtrack by Lackluster