Did You See


Did You See
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  1. Lackluster: Starcell U.K.
  2. CiM: Interval 1
  3. Aphelion: Click
  4. CiM: Interval 2
  5. CiM: Disk Three
  6. CiM: Interval 3
  7. Lackluster, Sense: Cull Streak (Sense Mix)
  8. CiM: Interval 4
  9. Plus One: Shao
  10. CiM: Interval 5
  11. CiM: Commuter Love
  12. CiM: Interval 6
  13. Lackluster: Ix Pen
  14. CiM: Interval 7
  15. John Tejada: Disappear
  16. CiM: Interval 8
  17. CiM: By A River
  18. CiM: Interval 9
  19. Lackluster, Brothomstates: Suntrapez (Brothomstates Timing Techniques)
  20. CiM: Interval 10
  21. CiM: First
  22. CiM: Interval 11
  23. Esem: Preledd


Hurray! We made it through a whole year. By the time you get this cd deFocus will be one year old. Some people have asked us if we are in some kind of rush as we released a record every month last year. No, is the answer, we just had loads of good music to get out. This year however we are slowing down our releases so people can catch up and the compilation is here to help reflect on what we have been doing.
We have picked the cream of the deFocus catalogue and slid carefully in-between each of them is an interval written and produced by CiM. We got loads of requests after his album came out, to see if he could make his tracks longer, so we thought who better to write our 30 second snippets. It’s our little tribute to Relics too, the early Transmat compilation.
It starts where Lackluster kicked us off on the first release (foc348), and CiM, Aphelion, + One, John Tejada all follow. The finish is held together by our latest signing, Esem. A 12” single and album are on the way later this year from the Bulgarian based artist. We also have more from CiM, John Tejada and Lackluster.
We have put some tracks that have not been on cd before and therefore priced it nice and cheap. It will retail at £5.99 in the UK, so there is no excuse not to own one