Axis Of Amity


Axis Of Amity
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  1. Posthuman: Detach
  2. Odan: Trade Union Acid
  3. Koolmorf Widesen: Reflexionimoktober
  4. Ebola: What You Do To Me
  5. Roy Of The Ravers: Planet Earth
  6. 5k3k51: The Pants Tent
  7. Gareth Clarke: Sublightweight
  8. Jodey Kendrick: HK2
  9. [Kill Ref]: Popopolizei
  10. Lackluster: Liop Mehch't! Mosp Misc Kir
  11. Lastrapink, Vertical67: Lastrapink & Vertical67: Jazzeed
  12. Mrs. Jynx: Freak
  13. Jonny3snareS: Probably
  14. Chevron: I'm Not As Young As I Used Be
  15. S>>D: Tag12
  16. Automatic Tasty: (Not Responding)
  17. Mrs. Jynx, Vertical67: Easy Means (Vertical67 Remix)
  18. Oxynucid: Lavare Aparte
  19. T-Toe: Zulfu Kakullerin Amber Misali
  20. Gavin Hislop: Source
  21. Guide: Sky, Garden
  22. Jilk: Tulin Too
  23. Beatwife: Bastard Fuck
  24. Carl Brown: Pessim
  25. Boep: Grubstep
  26. Mark Swift: Corporal Jones
  27. MIcrophyst: Microphyst: Lovely Lisp
  28. Scrubber Fox: Business Development
  29. Nexus, Snelcomjon: Silicone Poplars (Snelcomjon Remix)
  30. Randomoidz: Bab Tascos Screaming Spell Mix


The Centrifuge Charity Compilation.

Limited to 100 copies. Physical release originally sold only at a benefit show on 19th September. Remaining copies shipped to those donating £15 or more. Comes with a download code for these tracks (aka Volume 1 Digital Release) plus a second set of tracks (Volume 2 Digital Release). Both digital releases also available by donating £10 or more to Macmillan Cancer Support through the Centrifuge's Just Giving page.

Track 2.14 physical file is titled "Bab Tascos Screamin S#3567F", but the accompanying read-me states the track name is "Bab Tascos Screaming Spell Mix".

Mastered at Bell Tower Studios.
5k3k51 & S>>D appear courtesy of Icasea Records.
Jodey Kendrick appears courtesy of Rephlex Records.
Jonny3snareS, Jilk, T-Toe, Gavin Hislop, Microphyst and Beatwife appear courtesy of Ideation Records.

Artwork By [Design] - Tom Lobo Brennan
Mastered By [Additional] - Dom Oxynucid*