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  1. Nil: Et Voler Ton Coeur (Beatless)
  2. :papercutz:: Memoria D'Agua
  3. Muhr: Delusions Circulaires
  4. Emanuele Errante: Linfa
  5. ST: I Need Pills To Stay Alive
  6. Blisaed: Daddy's Sailboat Down The River
  7. Henrik Jose: I'm On Your Side
  8. Mikael Fyrek: Just A Thing From Yesterday
  9. VIM: Vim: A Possible
  10. Kaneel: Citrate De Betaine
  11. Talve: Dauphin's Flag
  12. The Open Directory Project: Halftone Patterns
  13. Beatslaughter: Innere Leere
  14. Tang Kai: Agnie, Sweetie
  15. Seathasky: Sleever
  16. Imtech: The Knack
  17. Jemapur: Invisible Departure
  18. Anders Ilar: Then It Happens
  19. Sense: Orange Power
  20. Hofuku Sochi: Broken Disc 2
  21. Lackluster: Afterpitrak
  22. Transient: Shimmer
  23. Mikael Fyrek: Libertae
  24. Bliss: Energy Is For Henrik
  25. Hunz: Let's Wake Up Dead
  26. MiglojE: MigloJE: Rebirth
  27. Troupe: Islands Our Islands
  28. Epoq: Telluric
  29. Mattia Marchi: Hotel Walls
  30. Kyle Dawkins: Our Happy Life
  31. Shiftless, Travis Nobles: Shiftless Feat. Travis Nobles: Warm Elixir
  32. Pocka: Noon At House Tuesday
  33. Ilkae: Farine Five Roses
  34. Julien Neto: Saraa
  35. Twerk: Glass
  36. Fah: B Fulcra Mulch
  37. Talve: M.A.S.
  38. Ks: The Letter
  39. Khonnor: Secret Planz
  40. Slash: Hardhittin
  41. Proswell: April 14th 2007
  42. The Kodama Institute: Pre
  43. Planet Boelex, Lisa's Antenna: Planet Boelex Feat. Lisa's Antenna: Blinded of You
  44. Makunouchi Bento: Seduction Theme From Milano Brothers IV 1998


A special compilation to celebrate Camomille's 100th release