From Our Hoodz To Yourz...


From Our Hoodz To Yourz...
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  1. Dan Curtin: Cleveland
  2. Cane, Polycorn: Cane Vs. Polycorn: Utrecht
  3. Lackluster: Hmainham
  4. Inkinen: Vallhamra
  5. Syncom Data: Den Haag (Rmx)
  6. Sir Stephen: New Orleans


Another mindblowing compilation from the ANGELMAKER camp. Six artists created tracks about their hometowns. We kick off with the legendary DAN CURTIN, who's just about released records on every important label in the last 15 years. Here he turns out a deep, electro-oriƫnted housetune about his old stompin' grounds "Cleveland".

CANE (a FUNCKARMA alias) teams up with POLYCORN to drop the lucious "Utrecht" aimed at both mind and feet. And everyone's favourite IDM-monster LACKLUSTER concludes side A with a beautiful gem called "Mhainham".

On Side B we travel back to Scandinavia with new talent INKINEN. Sweden to be more precise and "Valhamra"to be right on the spot. Reminiscent of detroit's electrofunk, he drops a track that's sure to put dancefloors on fire. Another dutch representative SYNCOM DATA deliver a special remix of their classic cut "Den Haag" of which the original got released on the infamous Bunker Records.

The land of voodoo, whiskey and scary courtroom thrillers is up next and last as Angelmaker's own SIR STEPHEN returns to the pitch with a very nice, almost drexciyan styled cut, named after his hometown NEW ORLEANS. Six banging tracks about our hometowns, play em loud in yourz!