Parched Throat


Parched Throat
Esa Ruoho
Release date
ACLE 1011


  1. Esa Ruoho: Parched Throat


Esa Ruoho: Parched Throat: Vital Weekly Review

ESA RUOHO - PARCHED THROAT (CDR by Attentuation Circuit)

The other new release is even a bit longer, clocking at seventy-two minutes and it's by Finnish composer Esa Ruoho, who sometimes works as Lackluster. I have no idea who he is or what he does, but apparently he's doing a remix here of 'Empire Of Dust' by Anodyne. I never heard that track, so I looked it up on youtube, the world's archive of music, it sometimes seems. It's a pretty neat electronic dance track, which seemed a bit dark and probably not entirely my cup of tea. The original lasts some six or seven minutes but Esa Ruoho knows how to stretch these things into something much longer. Much, much longer indeed. One doesn't recognize any beats in here, not even those that are time stretched and one doesn't recognize any of the original melodies either. I have no idea what kind of software this guy is using, but it does a great job in tearing apart of all of the original into one super long super-drone based piece of music. This could also very well have been the result of a heavily computer treatment of a field recording. Or rather: multiple treatments of the same field recording, going all over the place, as Ruoho knows how to keep the tension and attention alive in this piece. A bit industrial from time to time, but always on the safe side of things, with the ambient heart beating in the right place. Quite cosmic from time to time to, especially in the final twenty or so minutes with long sustaining, shimmering melodies. An excellent, spacious journey this is. If only remixes were more often like this. (FdW)