Electronic Frequencies did a Lackluster special


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"This edition of Electronic Frequencies presents music by Lackluster.

Lackluster is the artist name of Esa Ruoho (1978). He is a steady producing Finish electronic music producer with a huge body of work. Besides Lackluster, Esa Ruoho also uses the artist names XLLV, Can’O’Lard and Kökö and the Köks and he has released works on a large number of labels.

While most artists during their career move towards more difficult, digitally abstract forms, Esa Ruoho offers a refreshing return to the simple pleasures of melody. His music is often light and melodic but not at all superficial. He creates atmospheres with a timeless quality.

Electronic Frequencies presents a small collection of his best tracks."

Selection by Thijs Geritz