Hydroton - A Model of Cold Fusion with soundtrack by Esa Ruoho

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4BPtwzsgiw I have composed a soundtrack for the ColdFusionNow.org produced Hydroton - A Model of Cold Fusion -documentary. Read the blurb below for some details: HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion describes the nano-gap and Hydroton theory with Dr. Edmund Storms, a nuclear chemist and cold fusion researcher now retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory . It picks up where Storms' 2014 book The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship between Observation and Explanation left off. He proposes a unique chain of hydrogen and electrons that would assemble in the nano-cracks and nano-spaces of materials, fusing through a slow resonance process where smaller bits of mass are converted to quanta of energy through coherent photon emission. If true, it would describe an extension of the 100-year-old conventional nuclear theory. Several of the Nano-gap Hydroton Hypotheses are now being tested for confirmation. Dr. Edmund Storms website http://www.lenrexplained.com HYDROTON animation by Jasen Chambers http://jasenlux.com Title animation by Augustus Clark and Mike Harris http://augustusclark.com Music by Esa Ruoho a.k.a. lackluster https://lackluster.bandcamp.com ICCF-18 video by Eli Elliott http://www.elienation.com Filmed, edited and narrated by Ruby Carat https://twitter.com/ColdFusionNow Our work supports Cold Fusion Now! and Eugene Mallove's Infinite Energy Foundation. http://www.coldfusionnow.org http://infinite-energy.com