lackluster announcement number 034


good day members of lackluster announcementlist/yahoogroups.
its 12th september 2008 and this is an update thats long overdue. the
last one was sent out to the list on the first of october 2007 - which
i reckon is a bit silly, to be honest. so, erm, what's been going on.

first of all, the albums "Container", "Wrapping", "CDR#2", "Slice",
"Spaces", "What You Want Isn't What You Need", "Places", "Repulsine
Ep" are all out for sale as FLAC / MP3 downloads on & . what is this "Places"? it's a
new esa ruoho album, which came out as a cdr on binkcrsh/grundruck
records (altho what i sent out originally was a mp3 ep/album release.
how things change.)

the "20.December 2007 Lackluster Live at National Centre for
Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia" gig didn't happen, due to me running
into, well, ridiculousness at the russian embassy where i tried to get
the visa. after hours of queueing i got told my passport was damaged -
which was just an excuse to get rid of me quickly - and the anticlimax
of that resulted in me leaving the embassy and canceling the gig - i
just couldn't be bothered to queue for another bunch of hours for some
ridiculous bureaucratic paperwork in a severely unfriendly
environment. anyway, thats pretty much old news now, sorry people of

looking at the latest/previous announcement it seems that a few things
have changed. well, "The Heart on the Right Spot" 2xLP compilation
came out on Project Mooncircle on 26th october 2007 (my 29th
birthday), and a japanese CD edition of it came out a bit later, this
"ambient compilation" that was supposed to come out, apparently never
did.. but don't lose heart, the "Places CDr" contains the track
"Interlude for Halcyondvd" which is the track that was supposed to
come out on the ambient compilation. im not sure what happened to the
comp, but sometimes these things just happen. oh, and incase the
mention of halcyon made your ears perk up, yeah, the pc demoscene
group Halcyon released a DVD of their pc realtime noninteractive
audiovisual demonstrations from 1994 till 2005 - and the DVD's front
menu had the track on it. hunt down the dvd-image via if you feel inclined, i
recommend "hplus" (but i would, since it has a tune by one lassi nikko
on it, and i love the demo)

ok, about the other things on the "soon to be released list", well, i
delivered the new lackluster lp to slskrecords maybe 5 months ago. its
called Undulate LP and has 10 trax. i also delivered the new
lackluster ep to slskrecords about 3 months ago. its called Expulse EP
and has 11 trax. i'm not entirely sure what happens now. i hope they
come out, but im not sure when, if at all. anyway, since i've
delivered the tracks and like them etc etc, i've just moved on and
done other things.
the remix i did of "watching you sleep", the track by underpass, which
was supposed to come out of urban planning records, has fallen into
oblivion. it was supposed to be a 12", but appears neither metamatics
or abstrakt knights did remixes, or then maybe there was no need for
them to do remixes because the release was cancelled. not the first
time, not the last. i'm not sure if my remix will be mastered by
anyone anytime soon so i won't be putting it up anywhere. doing the
track was a nice learning experience, syncing revisit up with logic
and just a bit of very loose fun.

anyway, to continue, a couple of compilations came out. "Cycles" on
Camomille Music, with the track "Afterpitrak".. -- that'll be a digital
free one. Sutemos did their usual thing and released "Intelligent Toys
vol.4" with my remix of Tauboo's track "De Lucht". the whole
compilation is at;gid,20
one more thing, "Robot Dreams" was released via Kahvi Collective, with
my track "Shimmering Edges" on it.. Beatport, iTunes, MsnMusic and a
couple of other places have it, links at .

Controne Records released Mioku CD compilation with my track
"goodbyefrenchplace" on it.. it's available now on beatport,
junodownload and various other places..

also, rednetic recordings released a "rednetic showcase" mix as mp3
and as cdr, with two of my remixes on it.. "Joseph Auer: Jpop Moment
(Lackluster Wibl Mix)" and "Joseph Auer: Jpop Moment (Lackluster
Wriggle Mix)". reckon both the mp3 + cdr are available, so zoom zoom

Blamstrain started his own label called Erotus, and released a
"Mission Statement" CD with my track "Beloved" on it. this'll be the
second time in the next year that this track is released, as it's
scheduled for the "From The Shelves Of" 12"/CD released via Project
Mooncircle.. which was supposed to come out march2008.. june2008..
october2008.. another release delayed indefinitely. the record
contains both of my remixes of Korpi Ensemble ("Rely" / "Our Love")
and that 11 minute remix of Elephant Pixel "My Baby is a Robot", and
two other tracks ("Module For You", "Rendhauz"). who knows when, etc.
anyway, moving on.

did a few remixes.. got to remix this track "we walk" by
strand&non-genetic. non-genetic being one third of Shadowhuntaz, which
is a bit of a big deal for me. the remix is out on 12" via Project
Mooncircle, the CD being the japanese edition, as usual.
got to remix aleksi eeben! back in 1991-1992 i used to listen to the
tunes of one heatbeat/cncd, a master of 4channel modules. he later
changed his real name to aleksi eeben and asked me to remix his tune
"northwest passage" for his ep "The Five Fish Fingers". Kahvi
Collective released the EP without my remix on it, so nobody really
got to hear it. you can grab the mp3 on eeben's website.…

Dj Pisces mailed me at some point in time and asked me to do a remix
for the track "This Moment" by Robert Graff. Dj Pisces informed me
that Blu Mar Ten might be doing a remix. well, i jumped on it, did the
remix and did some more beat-programming, editing, mastering at
Johtoääni studios, which is run by Risto Eskolin. he helped me with
the mixing + mastering of it and also suggested which bits of my
drumprogramming were naff so the end result was way better than what i
went to the studio with. it came out as a digital mp3 sale thing on
junodownload and beatport.. with no blu mar ten remix.. :)

ok, then, Binkcrsh asked me to remix a track by HECQ, i picked
"Ghosts" and did a wavplayer remix on it, which was fun. its out on a
90 copy CDR called HECQ: Golden Pines.. more info at
the packaging is pretty nice, just like with the Places CDr, they're
both on black cds and some transparent stickering, etc.. i'm happy
with my remix, which is nice!

nice and nasty records released "heretics of disko - feelin'
electrified (lackluster remix) as a beatport/junodownload download,
and as a 12". suppose eventually you'll find some info about the
release on
some hilarious reviews ensued, which i posted on ..

then, on doing some searches i found out that (env)itre had released
"the nighthiker remixes", on his Envizagae-label's netlabel portion.
you could grab the old remix (it was on remixselection_one too) at…\

erm.. what else. oh, i delivered a track for a digital download
compilation test, any income of which will go directly to the wilhelm
reich museum as donations for their further research and publication
of all things pertaining to wilhelm reich and his orgone discovery. i
also became a lifetime supporting friend of the wilhelm reich infant
trust foundation, because alternative viewpoints can be and should be
supported, especially if it happens to, well, make sense to the person
doing the supporting - i.e. me.

the thuyen nguyen edited+directed video "the most powerful person in
the world" has clocked in 87000 views on youtube, and was even
featured on australian tv network ABC's show "Good Game" - which is
about videogames. starcell u.k. plays on it for about 45 seconds,
which'll be my first time on the telly. nice! the original vid at…
the segment is called "Lux: The Need to Play", Episode 20, 1st
september 2008.

been posting videos all over the place on youtube. heres whats new:
"headfooters", an incredibly cutesy video using "hugytrak" offa Slice.
the description is "The headfooters were made for an performance art
festival in 2006 called "sequences" in Iceland. when children start
drawing people for the first time at the age of 2/3, they only draw a
head with big eyes and legs with feet. Scientist think this is how
very small children perceive adults, they first see their legs and
feet, and when they look up, the adult bends forward to the child,
they see a big head. The head-footers were developed together with the
art group "the icelandic love cooperation" , 3 very nice girls! The video-eyes from the head-footers are from 2 of
these girls." from NEPCO - "
the vid you can see at

Limp Ninja used "Cut1" (from "You are on my mind ep") on a pc demo
called Ersatz, which took part in the pc-democompo at NVScene08, and
placed 9th.

Flo used "Ruins" (from "Places") on a pc demo called You Must Burn,
for Breakpoint democompetition, and placed 23rd.

4 videos from alternativeparty2007 surface at
and 3 videos from assembly 2007 surface at the same url.
(these would be excerpts of gigs).

the song "reach" was originally released in a pc demo by 3state,
called Gush (the track reach was later released on "the stationary
trout ep".. the vid is at
and 3state also made a pc 64kb intro called lost vegas, which used an
old module of mine.
the distance credited in this is obviously not dj distance/planet-mu
but distance/tpolm/lackluster aka me.

oh, and theres a facebook group now.

erm, i think thats it!
whatever else is up with me will be obvious from and
i do make music, still, sure.. as you could see, ive got two eps and
an album coming out... eventually.

i'll wrap up with this info:
playing 22nd october 2008 in london:

Lackluster Live at Kahvi Label Night, courtesy of Netaudio London 2008
The Netaudio London 2008 festival will feature me playing my netlabel
hits as part of the Kahvi Collective labelnight. Here are some details:
Kahvi Label night, Wednesday, 22 October, doors 6pm-11pm, bar till 1am
* Kahvi Stage with Brandy Alexander Project, Xurba, Lackluster,
Abyssal Plains
* Lounge Stage with Mo Sauer, Sven Swift, Gareth Dickson, Autistici,
* Audio installations including Animate Objects, Web Stream Boat,
Archisonics, New Transmission Models, Isolated Response, Sonification
of You, Motion on Sound
* Netaudio Market open 6pm-11pm
* Sound Cloud Media Lounge
free for Shunt members / £5 on the door for more details

its a big old thing, 22nd oct to 25th oct, so have fun there, but ill
only be in town for the 22nd gig and flyin back on 23rd.