2024-04-18 Esa Ruoho: Plugged Into Nothing Live at Nomen Nescio, Helsinki, Finland



Event name
Nomen Nescio × Post—Rift: Future Chroma + Esa Ruoho
Esa Ruoho


Venue name
Nomen Nescio

Mikonkatu 2
00100 Helsinki


Gig type

Nomen Nescio × Post—Rift: Future Chroma + Esa Ruoho

Live electronic music on Thursday 18.04.2024, 18:00–20:00 at Nomen Nescio Store, Mikonkatu 2, Helsinki. Free entry. Warmly welcome!

Future Chroma, an ambient duo comprising Stiletti-Ana and Casio G Url, ignited their musical journey fueled by a shared passion for creating dreamy electronic music. Their collaboration sparked in 2018 over long jam sessions, evolving into an EP released in 2019 under Haista Records. Rejecting industry pressures, they thrive on crafting ethereal melodies and cosmic sounds that reflect their unfiltered musical vision.

Esa Ruoho's "Plugged Into Nothing" is a live performance concept that embraces risk by starting from scratch with unplugged cables as the sole sound source. This technique, which might seem like a sound engineer's nightmare due to the inherent hums and clicks, demands quick sampling and manipulation of these unintended sounds into music.

This event is a collaboration between Nomen Nescio, Post—Rift, and friends. Helsinki-based Post—Rift @post_rift is a record label and an audiovisual art collective exploring the fault lines of electronic sound and image, seeking familiarity in the unknown.

Nomen Nescio Store
Mikonkatu 2
00100 Helsinki