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V/A: Cottage Industries 6


  1. Christ: White Count
  2. Qeshi: Tulip Lilt
  3. Gis: Replacement Bus Under Cirrostratus
  4. Ambidextrous: Ortifi
  5. Tim Koch Tim Koch: Bloom
  6. Coppice Halifax: Placid Yellow
  7. Bauri: Derisann
  8. Ghostwerk & Zebra: Hm.It
  9. Novel 23: Zero Meridian
  10. Roel Funcken: Android Robson
  11. Lackluster: Hihatsh2
  12. Arovane: Erval
  13. Metamatics: Bodypop
  14. Sleepy Town Manufacture: Trem


Neo Ouija takes the platter and spins it with their own textural funk on Cottage Industries 6.

Cottage Industries 6 contains a wide range of beautiful electronics from relatively unknown and known musicians from around the world. The music fills the void that experimental electronic music seems to leave wide open. Rather than scratching your head at the end of this 67 minute excursion, you’re forced to think, relax, and sit back to contemplate.

It becomes quite an adventure when music takes a new shape and form and Cottage Industries 6 makes that possible by allowing 14 different artists to create their own atmosphere’s and textures.

Limited to 200 copies in jewel case.